Captain ANN WALSH!

Over the last few weeks I have been thinking about how our community sustains itself and the important role of leadership. And even though Baltimore has the best co-leaders, it is also has equally committed captains on the team. They organize, support and inspire.  I am thrilled that we now have a way to recognize and appreciate these superstars.

The team captain’s armband is a “peer-awarded” recognition of the qualities of leadership that make November Project Baltimore the incredibly special community that it is. A way to appreciate a person’s contribution to the team’s culture (for example #justshowup and remaining #weatherproof and #happythatyouhere… and so many more #s).

For the third team Captain, I am thrilled to be passing on the Captain’s Armband to Ann!

Ann is a quiet but potent Team Captain of November Project Baltimore. These are some of the ways that she impacts on our team…

  1. She gets it DONE! – You might not know it but Ann is an “engine” of November Project Baltimore.  She is always involved in anything we do, adding ideas and but also quietly getting them done. She gives her time, skills and creativity. If you have a shirt tagged – you can thank Ann! If you have a buff, you can thank her too. Its what she does.
  2. She says YES!  – She is always there for anything and anyone, all the time. Have you cheered with her? Have you gotten a ride with her? Probably yes (she usually drives the bus!). And if not, you will. That I can guarantee. You will have adventures with her, you will just need to say yes.
  3. She shows UP! – Ann embodies the #justshowup commitment, for herself and others. You can also show up like Ann.

Ann, we are SO happy that you are here and that you are our Captain. Thank you for inspiring us…

You don’t inspire your team mates by showing them how amazing you are. You inspire them by showing them how amazing they are.

Tag courtesy of the amazing captain Ann. One of MANY MANY things she has done to support us!

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