Calling Audibles (PVD)

Today was one of those days where Mother Nature didn’t care for our workout. Holly and I spent a good amount of time putting together the what, the how, the why of this morning, only to get to the state house and see most of the staircase as sheets of ice.

New England winter can be tricky sometimes. It may snow a little bit overnight, and you wake up and it’s somehow 45 degrees instead. Or, like today, it gets progressively more freezing as your day goes on.

So what to do? Do we keep what we had planned, and hope for the best? Sometimes, the risk is worth the payoff, right?

But sometimes, it’s not. Sometimes, being open to changing things is necessary for growth and success.

While for sure this isn’t the first time this has happened, each time it causes us to react: to keep a workout (hopefully) fun, to keep it purposeful and work the muscle groups we’re looking to train, and to keep people safe. (Though I did see Maggie H. crush the Scooby Doo feet on her way down the stairs after 6:27am).

Life lessons in November Project: be ok with changing your plans. Sometimes, things work out a lot better because you’re open to trying something different.


Sunday, 1/12 – POP UP WORKOUT!
It’s our 2nd Pledge-iversary! So, we’re going to celebrate by having a 9am pop up workout at the India Point Park Footbridge for our 3rd installment of…..CHUTES AND LADDERS! Our friends from November Project Worcester will be coming to visit, just like in the olden days!

Post workout, you can join the Providence Pastry Pals for a run, or head right down to Knead Donuts for an after-workout breakfast treat (and hella good coffee).

Wednesday, 1/15
Winter is here. It’s cold. After the holidays, many of us clean out clothing we’re no longer wearing, or in need of. Rhode Island’s homeless population IS in need of it, though. Mikey Alvarado (whose parents Bert and Betsy, 5:27am regulars) works weekly with RI’s less fortunate, and could use our help in keeping them warm this winter. So next week, bring any clothing you’d set to donate TO the workout (IN BAGS TO KEEP IT DRY). Yes? Yes. Good.

Thursday 1/16-Sunday 1/19 – SNOW GLOBE
On January 16-19, 2020, we descend on Syracuse for a weekend of badass, weatherproof fun in the snow….for a second year in a row. Expect to arrive Thursday evening and leave Sunday during the day. PVD has some AirBNBs and a couple of spaces left, so if you wanna experience silly snowy silliness, this is for you.

Ok Love you bye!

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