Calling all tribe members!

Dear free fitness fighters,

Just over a year ago, a call sent out to tribe members asking for help taking photos. Up in Canada, we had two extremely generous people put up their hands. I cannot begin to tell you how big a role they have played in the growth of our tribe. They’re never in the photos because they’re always taking them. The tribe is getting so many amazing photos because of them. And as leaders, we have been able to spend more time on creating better workouts. Take a look at any of our Facebook albums from the past year. You can see the difference when we have real photographers vs when someone like myself is pretending to know what they’re doing. They put in a lot of work for us to get those photos turned around real quick.

Your leaders (even the ones in Calgary) are too nice to ever ask anyone in their tribe for help with this, especially when, for many of you, this is how you put food on the table. Us leaders are well aware that so many of you would love to give back in any way you can. Truthfully, by just showing up to a workout and bringing your energy, you are already doing more than enough to give back to the tribe and the other people around you. That in itself is more than we could ever want

Your leaders spend a lot of time designing workouts, writing blogs and decoding corporate emails each week. And while they’d never admit it, but they’d be very grateful to anyone who was able to help out. Up in Canada, we are very grateful for everything Steven and Katie do for us.

We’re looking for help in every tribe with the 2016 Yearbook Photos – coming to your city soon! If you’re willing and able to help out, pull one of your leaders aside after your next workout and let them know you are ready if they need you. They’ll be very grateful.

november project dc
Photo by Matt Anzur
Photo by Sara Beaney
Photo by Rebecca Daniels
Here’s the deal:
  • We can only pay you in hugs.
  • We’ll say Thank You an annoying number of times, and it will never be enough.
  • We’ll coordinate with you how we release all the photos, but you are guaranteed be the very first person to have yours.
  • We’ll probably have a quick turnaround to have them ready to post on social media.
  • We’ll help direct traffic and play the bad cop
  • We’ll probably have a really weird request at some point
  • No, this will not count as an interview with Dooster.
Photo by Kelvin Ma and Sam Goresh

If you’re still interested and able, go talk to one of your co-leaders. We love you and appreciate the crap out of you!


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