Call A M’Fer Out! (SF)

Growing up, I played three sports: soccer, basketball, and baseball. One basketball game we used to play, especially when there was one ball and an awkward number of people was a game called Signout. It’s basically a massive game of 1 on 1. If you get a rebound or steal you call someone out and that person comes out to defend you. If you score, they’re out of the game. Repeat until there is a lone champion. Whenever you got that ball, calling someone out was the best. Because if you scored, you could talk as much trash as you wanted. You owned them! You sent them packing!

Now there’s a lot in that game that doesn’t at all translate to NP or the ethos of NP but the act of calling someone out and playfully shit talking them is something I still love. I miss it in fact. There was an era when Jorge (Rest In Lander) would call people out with me on something called the Bikegang Report (sidenote: I honestly challenge you to find some of these videos). Then there was our old sister city, Indianapolis, and their HSTIC (Head Shit Talker In Charge) J-Keys–total legend–who used to fire people up and call them out when they hadn’t been showing up for the group.

We all have those friends that need a little kick in the pants. Whether it’s their first workout or their 101st. Some people just need that friendly callout to be reminded that we want them at the workout. That we need their energy. So let’s light that fire. Don’t be afraid to call that person, tag that person, or just physically poke them until they come and join us. Boop!


New spot! Dewey x Pacheco streets in the Sunset. Meet here.


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