Let’s Taco ‘Bout That Mile (DCA)

Question 1: When did you last have fun? I mean, laugh from your belly, smile ’til your cheeks hurt, fall asleep smiling that night kind of fun. For some of us it was last week. For others, it’s been a while.

Question 2: When did you last challenge yourself? Don’t confuse this with asking about when you were last challenged. I’m referring to a conscious decision to do something that you know for a fact is going to have mental, physical, and/or emotional obstacles. Many of us avoid difficult situations and workouts, resist setting goals that seem unattainable, and prefer to rest on our laurels and enjoy the ebb and flow of a quiet life.

Question 3: Do you like TACOS?

On August 26th, we are teaming up with DC Dept. of Parks and Rec, Pacers Running, District Taco, and Shack Track & Field to put on the first inaugural TACO MILE. Picture beer mile but more kid (and liver) friendly. Four laps around the track, four tacos. See how fast you can go.

If you don’t need to read more, go SIGN UP HERE.

WAIT. HOLD ON. Here come the doubts and fears. I don’t want to or can’t run a mile (we think you should at least try…remember the “challenge yourself” question?). I’m not into competitive eating…especially when it’s mixed with exercise. I don’t like tacos (WHAT?). I don’t like running.

DO NOT FEAR. We have an event for EVERYONE. In the spirit of November Project DC, this workout/competition is scalable. Below are your options:

1. TACO MILE – four tacos, four laps on the track (for the crazy people)

2. FUN TACO MILE – four laps, one taco. Race your stomach and your friends.

3. FAMILY TACO MILE – four laps, one taco. For those that prefer to walk or have kids, strollers, etc.

Ok, guys. This is starting to sound fun. But how much is it going to cost me? NEWS FLASH: FREE TACO MILE. All of these organizations have generously donated their time, gear, and smiles for FREE. Signing up and racing in this event is FREE. So don’t wait. Go sign up NOW, RIGHT HERE.

P.S. The only cost for this event is the tacos. If you feel like donating towards the cost of the tacos, visit the GoFundMe. $2, $5, $10, whatever you can give to help offset the cost of tacos!

Ok. Now that we’ve discussed the why, here are the rest of the details:

WHERE: Kenilworth-Parkside Recreation Center Track

WHEN: Sunday, August 26th, first run is at 5:30PM

Check out the FB event for more info and chatter.



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