Burpees, Running, Friends, High Fives, Hugs? All before 8am?

Seriously… This is all possible starting at 6:29am every wednesday? I don’t believe that. Forget that idea. That absolutely sounds like zero fun. I mean… Who even likes friends and high fives anyway? No way am I ever showing up for that. How does somebody even hear about this? Well for me it was from some guy named Adi that I met at a run club back in the summer(?) of 2017. He was okay, this guy had pretty good energy and was kinda cool. He ended up inviting me and my puppy to this thing called November Project. I was instantly sold and told him I’d be there that next Wednesday morning at 6:29am.

Okay maybe it wasn’t quite an instant sell… I wasn’t really a morning person, nor was I a running person. …but I said I met him at a running club?!? Yeah… That was probably the first time I ever ran for fun. I’ve played soccer competitively my whole life, but running was simply a means to an end (ie. chasing a soccer ball). Traditionally I always thought running for fun was boring. So Adi guilted me pretty much every week I didn’t just show up, eventually I caved in. The rest is history… I have now been to every single workout since mid November of 2017, sans one week in Mexico (BUT I STILL WOKE UP TO WORKOUT IN SPIRIT!!!)

These people… I love you!

These people have become my new family, truly taking me in with their positivity, encouragement, and love. One thing many don’t know about is what truly made me start going, hint it wasn’t actually Adi messaging me weekly asking why I wasn’t there. It was actually a time when I was in the most abusive relationship I’ve ever been in, and it seemed there was nothing overly positive to get me out and get me on the right track again. But I always saw how much fun it looked from their instagram page, and I knew I had to give it a try eventually. What better time than now? Just show up. Sure enough I did and I absolutely loved it. I was instantly greeted with so many people that had such positive, optimistic, and uplifting vibes. It immediately felt like I had a new home. I made so many new friends… Sure enough, week after week, month after month I became a consistent regular and I found myself trying to get all of my other friends involved. Unfortunately the 6:29am thing is still a tough sell for a lot of people. However that never stops me from trying to introduce new people to this crazy tribe all the time, because I know how much the atmosphere November Project provides can help a person. Not just from the obvious greek-god-body sculpting workouts Roz and Steve put together, but from the genuinely amazingly encouraging/positive atmosphere.

But then shit became even more real and I learned how active our NP tribe is in our community! I always loved helping out, but I never knew where to look and who to do it with. This all was introduced to me when Steve randomly messaged me and asked if I wanted to dance… I’m thinking, what? I’m an awful dancer! He explained it was for the Central Okanagan Hospice Association, that we would be taught by two awesome dance teachers, also mentioning an amazing amount of money would hopefully be raised. I said yes. Reluctantly, as they’d already started learning the dance and I was filling in for a guy who dropped out. This meant I had to play catch up. Luckily though, our NP Kelowna group absolutely CRUSHED IT!!! Both on the dance floor winning judges choice, but also by raising $10,949! Wow, this crew really is something special. Roz, Steve, and everyone involved in November Project Kelowna are honestly all heroes. I followed this trend of starting to say yes more and it led to so many more incredible adventures and fundraisers. NP Kelowna also invited me to help participate in the United Way Bus pull, and the Nerd Olympics, which was so fun! But starting to say yes to the things these people invite you to will change your life.

These people have honestly changed me, getting me to do things I would have never thought possible, or would have put off otherwise. Something everybody needs in their life is a healthy atmosphere, which is a place where everybody can be themselves (as wild and crazy as they may be), and lastly an excuse to get away from the stresses in ones life. It’s so incredibly important to have a place of acceptance, now I have definitely found that. I also believe it is also important to step out of your comfort zone and say yes more often. I wholeheartedly believe November Project provides all of the above for everybody crazy enough to just show up, all across the world. Yes, this is a worldwide thing.

November Project LAX

I’ve now been to three other tribes (NP LAX, NP West LA, NP Victoria), and I can say with zero hesitation that the people here are all just as amazing people as those in my home tribe. They were all so welcoming, as well as willing to drive a Canadian to and from each of their workouts, even letting me stay at their place to save a night in a hostel… And they hadn’t even met me before!? It’s incredible how amazing everyone is at NP across the nearly 50 cities in the world.

I cannot stress this enough, you need to just show up. Whether you’re a fit chiseled buff greek god like Steve or Kwame, a moderately fit person, or even if you’ve never ran before in your life! I guarantee you will love it, and we cannot wait to get to know you better at our social events and post NP coffee. Oh, if you’re worried you wont like us because we give too many high fives… Come to one of our social events first and meet the crew, and you can decide for yourself if we’re fun enough to workout with on Wednesdays at 6:29am! But it’s getting cold you say? Ppft… winterproof! That’s why they invented base layers and coats and gloves and toques!

Why make December 26th your first day to just show up you might ask? Well… Tis the season, no?? That’s right, secret Santa!!! White elephant style, no names on it. $10-20 limit. Where? At the magnificent Bean Scene Coffee Shop after our workout! BUT! YOU DON’T HAVE TO PARTICIPATE IN THE SECRET SANTA IF YOU DON’T WANT TO! It would be kinda cool, kinda fun, and kinda crazy. But if that’s not your shit, feel free to come and just sip your coffee or tea with us while one (un)lucky person picks my secret Santa gift…

Hopefully Kali and I will see you there next week!


Merry Christmas Eve everyone!!! Or if you don’t celebrate Christmas, happy holidays!!! Or if you don’t celebrate anything this time of year… Happy Monday!

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