Here it is. The moment you’ve been waiting for! THE BUFF FORM.

Here are the pertinent points:

  1. You have ONE WEEK to place your order. The form will close next Wednesday, October 26th  at 12:00PM. No exceptions!
  2. Limit of TWO (2) buffs per tribe member. Gotta keep it to a reasonable number so that we get them ASAP!
  3. Please Venmo Sydney for your payment. If you do it as soon as you fill out the form, you won’t forget! Her Venmo name is in the form (see above!)

Other announcements from this morning:

  1. If you ran the BRF this weekend and want to write a little something about how you incorporated NP into your training plan, please send it to novemberprojectbmore@gmail.com. Try to keep it to a paragraph or so!
  2. As Nick mentioned, our Spotify playlist is in need of an update. Feel free to contribute whatever you’d like – Hanson and NSYNC are our favorites.

That’s it, folks. Short and sweet, just like my fling with Nick.

All the love,


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