Bright as Berra (NOLA)

Two years ago, I moved to New Orleans. I really had no friends and was completely lost. But you’ve heard this story. The one where I found NP and immediately made all of the friends and was finally home. That story gets old. But I want to tell you about one friend in particular and what she taught me.

It was my first November Project social event – Tagging at the Fly. I had only been to two workouts and was nervous to show up to a social event when I hadn’t yet officially made many friends. But I went out on a limb and showed up to this event by myself. I clicked with a few people but was having a hard time getting a read on this blonde girl – Alex. She had showed up with some friends and was… ready to have a good time. She knew everyone. I envied this girl. I told myself that I probably wasn’t good enough to be her friend because she seemed so cool and I was so new. You see – I was judging a book by its cover. And this blonde, sparkly chick was definitely not someone I expected to become my friend.

But then I started making fun of Louis… which apparently was a way to win over Alex’s heart. She wasn’t laughing at me. She was laughing with me. And what started as just a bond over being sarcastic and making fun of BoogaLou turned into something more than I ever would have predicted – two opposite people becoming best friends.

loves pink. lots of it.

If you know Alex, you know her for her love of everything pink and sparkly. We wore Unicorn Squad tank tops for her last day. She eats candy for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with the occasional goldfish as a carb load. She loves cats and cookie butter… together or separate. She also happens to be genius, heading off to Houston for her Residency at Baylor (it’s a really really really good program ps). She has a heart of gold and cares way more about everyone else than herself – which works because I do the same for her. Alex is one of the good ones and I’m pretty upset she’s leaving.

Right now you’re probably wondering why I’ve spend the past 300 words just talking about my friendship with one person. There is a moral to the story. A few actually. And I’m hoping you’ve stayed around to get to it.

  1. Don’t judge a book by its cover… especially at NP. Every person has their story. But the cool thing about NP is that we are coming together in hopes of no judgment and complete acceptance. Get to know someone you are intimidated by or jealous of. You may end up becoming best friends.
  2. Let your best friends know that you love them… This morning as I said bye to Alex, I didn’t really have the words to say how I felt. She has been a rock for me in and out of NP since basically Day 1. She cares so much for others and is a bright light that everyone deserves. And so now I’m using a silly blog post that she may not even know how to access to tell her I love her. And I’m going to miss her.
  3. Remember that NP is full of amazing potential best friends. Take advantage of the time you have with these great humans.

Alex, if you’re still reading and not yet crying… I tried. Know that you will be missed by so many in NOLA and that we expect you to come back and visit very soon. (How about next week?)

Everyone else, thanks for reading my sap as always. Win your day.


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