Branching Out (Ottawa)

Good morning YOWzers! Or good afternoon. No idea when you’re reading this. A few thank yous to give out this morning: thank you NP Oakland for helping us plant a whole bunch of funny looking trees in the Ottawa-Gatineau region this morning (and even one in Nova Scotia!). Thank you Dean for a super fun playlist to get us moving and swaying in the breeze. Thank YOU for uprooting yourselves and showing up… together we make a pretty good forest.

While inspiration for weekly blog post topics can be found all around us, sometimes you end up falling asleep before writing a blog post and find yourself searching for that inspiration the next morning. But fear not! This means it’s time for… DID YOU KNOW…

…these fun facts about trees??

→Trees are the longest living organisms on Earth and they never die of old age. One of the oldest living trees in the world is an estimated 4,852 years old. And it still doesn’t yell at pesky kids to get off of its lawn.

→Some trees have been to the moon. Yep. “Moon trees” were grown from seeds taken to the moon during the Apollo 14 mission in 1971. Because, why not?

→ Trees can communicate and defend themselves against attacking insects. They flood their leaves with chemicals (called phenolics) when insects attack and can signal danger to other trees so they can start their own defence. Badass.

→Trees can help reduce stress. And apparently, the denser the forest, the lower the stress. Unless, you know, bears.

→Trees can help you find your way if you get lost in the woods. In northern climates, moss grows on the northern side of the tree trunk where there is more shade and its rings grow slightly thicker on the southern side since it receives more light. Google maps also works.

→If a birdhouse is hung on a tree branch, it won’t move up the tree as the tree grows. This is because trees grow from the top, which means that a branch will always be the same height as it was the day it emerged from the trunk as a little bud. 

That sums up this week’s segment of… DID YOU KNOW? Not to be confused with the DID YOU CARE? segment. Either way, we sure are glad that you’re here.

Rebecca & Becca


  1. Pet a dog
  2. Hug a tree
  3. Smile and wave at the people who are staring at you while you hug a tree
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