#Bmore_ridiculous…Do it! That’s an order, not a suggestion (BAL)

I really want to let pictures speak for themselves this morning. Our theme was #bmore_ridiculous and…uh, yeah, just keep scrolling.

Our photographer, Gio, is about as good as they come so lets show these goodies off.

A lot of ridiculous things happened this morning.

– Forrest Gump showed up and it turns out he is super fucking fast.

– We tagged a dog and then tagged a doggy shirt after finding out that paint doesn’t come out of poodle hair…

– Patches wore horns and was chased down around the harbor by rabid tribesmen.

–  Some people planked in tutus while others planked in full lion costumes. Don’t play like you’re not impressed…this girl was wearing a full lion costume. You know what, can we get a picture of that? Let me ask the tech department. Yep, turns out we have one. Roll footage.

Is that not the best thing you’ve seen all day? I’m tired of talking about how epic this morning was….WAIT, one more thing. Yeah, Mel wore an average Joe’s costume that rivaled perfection. OH, and Steve received our first ever Baltimore Birthday Booyah! Let it go down in history. OH and we had some newbies who didn’t even seem a little phased by our antics. I might venture to say they enjoyed them although the post workout reviews haven’t been submitted yet.

Congratulations to Megan on officially receiving the “Positivity Stick” after our IOU last week. Megan, your positivity is one in a million and it’s infectious as hell. Megan has worked 12 hour shifts, gotten off at 6 am and come straight to NP. Today she showed up in a Tutu. We’re lucky to have you and your relentless enthusiasm. Keep loving life.

As Forrest said…” I’m pretty tired, I think I’ll go home now.”

List of important things:

1. The tribe has homework this next week, so stay tuned. It’s coming down from the mothership so you know it’s serious.

2. Next week is #grassrootsgear! Bring something to be tagged and it shall be done! It’s also race week / PR week so prepare your running shoes. It’s time to see how fast we are. Theme is #BMORE_ SWIFT…come on, just run with it (get it, run with it?).

3. REMINDER: MAY 31ST, 3:00pm, Rash Field. This is our #BMORE_BMORE Race. This is our biggest event yet, a run/race  followed by a happy hour and rowdy NP PARTY. Please spread the word and prepare your best Baltimore costume. Facebook event coming shortly.

Much Love. Tribe Out

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One Reply to “#Bmore_ridiculous…Do it! That’s an order, not a suggestion (BAL)”

  1. Dear Nick and NP tribe – B’More… as a fellow Northeastern Husky, NP fan, with many of my friends & classmates being originators to some of the other tribes, I’ve been disappointed that my schedule does not allow me to come and be a tribe member.  I work at 7:00 AM.

    However, I currently have a student, and I’m allowing him to go to the NP project, his name is Donnie McKinney, and he showed up there today, but left early prior to the “hugs” and “pictures”.  So I’m giving him the verbal that not only does he show up every Wednesday morning until July, but make sure he sticks around for the hugs and pictures.  That’s the BEST part of it.  I was lucky enough to attend the SD tribe last week (I was on vacation).  The hugs were the best part.  My abs are still sore.  Eff Lauren Padula.  She is also terrible at Easter egg hunts (lack of experience is not the excuse).

    Anyway, I would like you to seek him out, and I would like the group to give him one big group hug.  Tell him it’s from me.


    P.S.  Fuck yeah!

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