Blurred Lines (DEN)

You may not have realized it, but you guys were flying today! Like super speedy… like can’t capture you with a camera speedy! Seriously… just look at these pictures… you’re all ghosts! How else could you explain that besides how fast you were all running? Yup. That was it. That’s why all the photos are so blurry…

Ooooor maybe it’s because I got a new camera, I’m a newb photographer, and GoPros aren’t exactly good in low light while moving… But mostly how fast you all were running. That’s the story we’ll tell all of the other tribes. While they’re all soaking up the unseasonably warm weather, we’re busy battling the cold, putting it in a headlock and wrestling it to the ground!

Enjoy the rest of your 2015… Finish off all of those last minute resolutions, and get ready to crush some more! See you all next year!

Go leave someone better than you found them,

The Few. The Fierce. The 5:30.
The Few. The Fierce. The 5:30. The Fuzzy.

FRI: 6:15A ONLY @ Skyline Park (16th & Arapahoe) Wear extra layers… like padded layers

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