Bluebirds on Ice (DEN)

Mom nature again threw an overnight coating of iiiice on our playing field. So what do we do: postpone PR Clovers until next week (we promise!) and improvise with a running circuit station workout over the crunchy snow and under the bright blue sky! The tribe explored more of the landscape of Denver’s Civic Center Park, and Mollz and Flan devised even bigger and challenging workouts for the future.

Twas a beautiful morning as we welcomed newbies, commuters from the burbs, Tim from the 608, post-Fat Tuesday revelers, and those with hangovers from last nites free pancake fest at IHOP (thanks for the day-after-invite, Christine, our FBook wall is public for a reason!). We also embraced our regulars, our core, the ones who we know will be there smiling each Wednesday and Friday morning. It is your loyalty and accountability that makes the November Project float. You may not get personal invitations on Fbook from Flan requesting your #Verbal for the next workout, but you make it easier for each and every one of us to wake up each morning – rain, snow, ice, sleepy, cozy – and #JustShowUp.

On another note, are we seriously 15 tribes deep? Seriously? The November Project world takeover tour is just getting started. Got friends in NP cities? Nag the shit out of them to float their own November Project tribes. Got friends in non-NP cities? Got friends in Denver who haven’t joined us yet? Change it. Do it. Be it.

Grab life,

Next Project: FRIDAY Governor’s Park for Hill Repeats 6:15AM.

The Roster:
Riley Bright
Jillian Foss
Jeff W
Meghan Houlihan
Julia G
Kaitlin Wally
Nichole Lidquist
Troy Coleman
Alli Bell
Katelyn Jones
Christine Amerosano
Claire O’Neill
Peter Morelli
Leslie Puntillo
DeAnna Phillips
Juliann Couture
Chris Lutz
Christian Little
Ryan Wooderson

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