Bike Gang Eats Small Dogs (i.e. Barnum) For Breakfast

There is a new gang on the streets of San Francisco. As if this city didn’t already have enough on it’s plate; a drought, Google bus blockades, people having difficulty selling their 22 million dollar homes…etc. etc. Now there is a group of young males (and soon to be females) ripping up the streets of SF on two wheels, some even without helmets, GASP! Made up of a eclectic group of athletic and impressively good looking men, with the token Frenchman, this gang is to be feared. So hide yo kids. Hide yo wife. And hide yo small dogs that are easily taken down by the BGSF for some early morning protein.

This morning the bike gang joined the rest of the endorphin junkies who enjoy a 400 step climb to look over the city while people are still sleeping in their warm beds. We ventured into the mist like warriors and demolished the steps in all their marble beauty. Have a brilliant weekend, tribe!

February 16th: Sunday Funday with your tribe! Fort Mason, 2PM, followed by short run to Bitters Bock and Rye.

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