Better Together, Even if Apart (NP Woo)

Every week since March, when our workouts went from in person to Zoom, I have likely spent more time than I’d like to admit analyzing who came, who didn’t, and coming up with theories for why people did or did not show up. WHAT WERE WE DOING WRONG? WHY AREN’T PEOPLE EXCITED? Oh right, because there is a pandemic happening and we are doing mountain climbers while trying not to wake up the kids.

Let me remind you some of the Pros we have witnessed with Zoom:

-We worked out with pots and pans on our heads.

-We got to see everyone’s pets.

-We learned a lot about people and their hidden talents.

-Jim was forced to get better with technology and is ranking up on his DJ status.

-You could sleep in!

-You had a bathroom accessible.

-You had access to visit ANY CITY!

-Breakfast was cheaper and you could stay longer, my coffee doesn’t touch Acoustic Javas , though.

It was a place to still be able to come together with the same great community you know and love in the middle of a pandemic when much of the world was feeling alone.


-No Hugs.

-The “group photo” got stale real fast. The “Brady Bunch Replica” photo that looked good in your head, never came out good, NEVER.

Since the start of first world quarantine ( I call it this because honestly, WE DON’T HAVE IT THAT BAD) I realize everyone is under different kinds of pressure. Even those who feel like they have not completely lost their minds over the past 4 months, have a new world to adjust to. No matter what you are going through during this, you need to cope in a way that is healthy and works for you. Sometimes that means backing up and shutting down, and that’s okay.

It’s impossible to go a day without hearing someone say “2020 sucks”. Sure, there has been a lot of hardship, but for me? I honestly have enjoyed a little bit of a slow down. Having a race canceled, or a concert postponed in the big picture is not the end of the world. I have appreciated my surroundings. I became more resourceful. I have explored new places and have seen things I never noticed before. I HAD MORE TIME TO DRESS UP MY DOG. I started reading books and trying to do my part in regards to the Black Lives Matter movement. This is something I may have overlooked had I not slowed down. As things start to get back to how they were, you will appreciate them more, and weed out things you realized you didn’t really need in the first place.

One thing I know I still need? November Project.

November Project has been a movement built on community and togetherness. And not just when we are at the stadium and it’s sunny and the perfect temperature outside. We are weatherproof and the reason for that is not so we can post photos on Instagram in the -10 temps freezing our asses off to get likes and for everyone to tell us how crazy we are, rather to build something that is ALWAYS THERE in a world that is so unpredictable. We were out on the common on CHRISTMAS DAY, NEW YEARS DAY, in the rain, in the cold, in the snow, in the heat- you get the idea. This is a space that we work hard as a group to maintain and have available for whoever needs it every single week. YOU might be the reason someone keeps coming and you don’t even know it. Every single one of you brings a piece of inspiration to November Project Worcester. This is a community that thrives on the energy of the people in it. The more people, the more energy, the more happiness, the further we go…together. It’s really easy to quit a routine, or give up because things are different or hard, but when you don’t show up, the group feels that void, and then they start to lose their momentum, too.

I write this as a way to tell you that I miss you. We miss you. Can’t make the workout at 6? Come on Zoom at 7 for coffee and catching up. Can’t do that either? Drop a line on the NP Social page and let us know how you are. Let’s keep this close-knit community in touch, and when we are able to get back together, we will be better than ever. Who’s with me? We won’t be on Zoom forever.

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