Belly Laughs (YEG)

Belly Laughs – you know the ones. The laughter that is so deep down your stomach hurts and yet feels so good at the same time. Not the haha you’re funny laugh that you sometimes give when someone says something that they think is funny and you gratuitously give them a chuckle but the spontaneous laughter that happens sometimes for the most random of moments and at other times for truly legitimately funny things.

I left this morning with a  belly ache from laughing – some of our core exercises may have also attributed but mostly because I laughed A LOT this morning. At myself, at Andrew, at Nadim, at the tribe, with my co-leaders, with the tribe…pretty much non-stop. And that’s the great thing about laughter – it’s contagious! How can you not laugh when you’re witnessing a “no rules plank war” (by the way, this is now my new favourite challenge even though I was the first out today) or engaging in a sumo face off and using snow as rice? Or when you overhear a new tribe member describe Bojans when picking their tag-off partner exercise (“so let’s try what I saw these other guys were doing, basically one person jumps over the other who then goes up in a V and then the other crawls through, or something like that?”). Or when your brother is rolling on the ground laughing at the fact that you almost split your chin open – brotherly love. Or when the tribe gathers for an impromptu booty shaking session to Bubble Butt.

Thank you all for the gift of laughter – this morning was a blast!

#justshowup 6AM

Wednesday – Royal Glenora Stairs

Friday – Walterdale Hill

Until next time…SMILE! J

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