Before Coffee (MSP)

In a poem written, as I understand, mostly during the workout itself, Lauren shared what moves them to show up. Snaps be damned, this slam had us all yelling, “FUCK YEAH!” Thank you, Lauren. We’re glad you’re here. 


Before Coffee 

by Lauren Johnson

The alarm buzzes, and all is still dark. 
I leave my girlfriend in bed, fumble for some clothes I laid out, 
and sneak out with my bike.
I have all of 15 minutes on the ride over
to get psyched.

Circle up, move in, and bounce
Wait for the rallying cry:

Y'all good?
     Fuck Yeah
Because even if you're not good you're here
     Fuck Yeah
Because sometimes you're hopelessly lonely 
and you just want to put your phone down
and be surrounded by people
     Fuck Yeah
Because people are at least trying to know your name and will tell you good job no matter how you're doing
     Fuck Yeah
Because sometimes you're about to marry
the girl you love, which your younger self never thought possible
and you need somewhere in the city
you can go to yell loudly
     Fuck Yeah

Because cancer is slowly wearing away at someone we love
and God doesn't show up
But we do — As sure as the sun rises in the East,
some yahoos will be running hills and yelling
EVERY Wednesday of the whole year

From beast mode to portrait mode
From burnouts to whiteouts

Whether you're a couch potato
or a couch potato chip
Or you workout so hard that Wednesday is your rest day
NP is a place where we can be proud to show off our sweaty bodies like no one's watching

Except that everyone is watching and your body,
covered in sweat,
or with frozen sweat-icicles hanging off of your face, 
will definitely end up in photos on Facebook
Sweat-icicle hair
Don't care
Woke up like this
Showed up like this

hashtag just show up
Forget that it sounds like a Nike slogan knockoff and you're not on board with nonconsensual hugs

Come run through sprinklers like you're a kid again

The fitness is free
and we'll be here



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