Because we’re cows (SD)

Angelo: What’s the cowbell for?

Laura: It’s for herding us, because we’re cows.


Well let me tell you, it’s more like herding cats. Really brightly colored, fast, sweaty cats that like to spend their Monday mornings listening to Warren G’s Regulators. You can’t herd cats. They just run willy nilly all over the damn place.


Today’s workout went a little something like this:

1. Find a partner and hold your partner’s hand.

2. Contortionist group bounce.

3. Tabata with your partner.

4. Do the “Coffee Shop Run” – small, medium, large hill repeats (or tall, grande, venti – if you’re Starbucks).

5. Burpee 7x every time you hear the cowbell.

6. Hold a plank for 2 minutes.

7. All out sprint to the top. Try not to vomit.

8. Group photo, birthday BOOM, awkward hugging of MVP cape winner who tells you hugging is outside of his comfort zone.


9. Scamper back to wherever neon cats live.


Simple (right?). Effective (definitely). Fun (obviously). Normal (never).

We love you, San Diego. Be happy, be strong, and be bright. Onward.


IMPORTANT but not that exciting…

– Tatum Channing 3.0 is Wednesday. What does that mean? Time to “Step Up” and race everything. PR day. Track it on the tracker.

– Recruiting Papers 3.0 is Thursday 4/2, 7:30PM, Barrel Republic. FB event is here.

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