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After an intense weekend of marathon mile time goals and Six Nations rugby mathematical madness (JMB and Oberle will understand), Paddy’s brain is frazzled, so any sort of blog post from the foreign leader of NPSF was going to be incoherent to say the least. So in the vein of the true kings of madness and mayhem, Teddy Testosterone and Dan ‘DG’ Graham, here is today’s blog in NP Wisconsin notes style… nonsensical bullet points:

  • Yesterday, NPSF held a cheertastic cheer station at the Oakland Running Festival. It left us all asking though, did a miniature version of the gorilla from Dan Clayton’s NPSF Fort Mason birthday show up to yesterday’s cheer station?


  • Today, we went back to the Chemistry 101 workout from last summer. We had two groups of unpaired electrons running around the Fort Mason nucleus, where they would drop to give us period sets of burpees (trust me, it’d make more sense if you were there). Whenever the electrons collided, they would pair up for a Hoistee, pushup low five, sit up high five, or hopping star jump thingys… and then continue on in their path around the nucleus. Our tweener renegade leader, Jorge Moreno, has no longer content with running a simple circular path around the nucleus. The beard decided to become a free radical and went off on his own merry way, leading the group of unpaired electrons all across the park, completely ignoring the route suggested by the coleaders. We’re not actually mad, Jorge. You were doing the Tribe (and the leaders) a favour. They get that extra distance in their workout (we’re big advocates of at least they’re moving) and the co-leaders didn’t have to deal with as many potential bicycle commuter-November Project collisions that we were oh-so-close to having every week. In the great words of Hot Chocolate, Everyone 1’s a winner…


  • Is Mark Noviski feigning injury so he can show us that we can do 300+ burpees in a 30 minutes workout? If his birthday hadn’t just passed, we were getting him this t-shirt. Beast!
  • Where was NP Berkeley today? Like is it too much to ask that they come across the Bay, workout and go back through rush hour traffic, 3 days a week , every week?
  • We have recently learned our friends visiting from November Project Canada don’t actually know how to do a proper Hoistee™. Our Edmonton traverbaler David was also going short with his arse stopping 6 inches above the ground on his Hoistee™. As we’d expect from someone trained by Nadim, the Edmonton coleader, David has a fast tongued response. They’re used to having six inches of snow under them during workouts. Fair point. Our Canadian brothers and sisters are pretty badass #weatherproof

Upcoming events:

PR Wednesday… Alta Plaza… 5:30 and 6:24AM

Sunday, we’re cheering the runners on at the Rock n Roll half marathon. There is a $1,000 grand prize for the best cheerers. This is a lay up for us, but we’ll need you all on board. Click attending at our facebook event, show up, and stay tuned for potential theme ideas. Lets do this shit! Also, congrats to our fastest peeps from the Ocean Beach hills… Will Oberle, Dana Neel McCrae, Lucci Lautze and Lauren Rose… can’t wait to see you kids fly up the Lincoln Blvrd Hill.

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