Back Of The Pack (BOS)

Sometimes it’s all about a little shift in perspective.

This morning I rolled right out of Chitown where I was lucky enough to watch NPCHI do their bouncy house at 6:18 Wednesday mornin’ and straight into the Bean to watch NPBOS do their own version. Both of these i found myself right in the mix, standing watching our fearless co-leaders perform, respond to the crowd, crack some jokes and motivate us to move through the windless hills of Chicago and the concrete lake beaches of Boston… something like that right?

This weeks been a lot of perspective shifts from being in a completely knew city and showing up knowing a handful of people (checked in on our girl Molly B and she showed up once in the last 6 months which just so happened to be the day I was in town..) to jumping right into the Friday bounce on the cold concrete calendar at the top of Summit hill. Both of them widening my blinders just a little but more.

Realizing the bounce in Chitown gets just as much energy as the one in Boston. The smiles, the laughs, the high fives and hugs are all the same no matter which city you plunk yourself down into. It seems like we’ve figured out the formula for positivity and got it on lock down. Whether you’re from the welcoming midwest or the hustling east coast the impact is still the same.

Now I find myself planted in the familiar Boston watching Rosy and Mike crank out a badass workout, wake-up those familiar smiles from ice cold lips and throw their own spice into the regular Friday routine. The energy these two sparked in a single hour, resonating far from that hilltop and long into the weekend as people hold onto those vibes until we meet again.

Shifting your perspective gives things just a little deeper meaning – some fresh eyes into what’s really going in. So I encourage everyone to maybe stand at the back of the pack, or the front if you find yourself on the fringes. Stand next to someone you didn’t arrive with. See where you naturally gravitate and see if you can’t throw a little spice into your routine. You’ll never know what you’ll discover.


NEXT MONDAY 2/24 at 6:29am meet at the Arthur Fiedler Statue on the Esplanade. Saul & I are back in action. Map right HERE.

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