Are You Training For Life? (Boston 1.25.19)

I had great conversations with a few people as I ran this morning–focusing on trying to talk (quietly!) with folks as we ran downhill, but some of those conversations lasted through at least some of the uphills too.

One conversation was about the value of having something to train for. Like when you know you’re signed up for a race–of any distance–it changes your mindset to be one of preparation and focus on the race as motivation for getting up and out, for maintaining and (hopefully) building fitness, strength, endurance, speed, and all the good things that come from training. It’s so very helpful for many many people to have this frame of mind, this focus and attention toward a concrete and specific goal.

What is often more challenging, and where November Project provides a powerful resource, is training when you don’t have a goal, a race to be signed up for, or some specific thing to focus on. Life–like the big, grandiose LIFE–is way more abstract, unspecific, and intangible than those race goals. Which is why training for life is both harder to do, in general, and also far more rewarding than a singular goal.

Training for life is kind of the motto or the backbone of NP. Co-founder of NP, Brogan Graham wrote a really great account of a significant “training for life” moment a few years ago (read this blog when you’re finished with today’s blog). Training for life is really about this: you can be training for a race — OR NOT — and no matter what, if you’re training all the time by getting up & out, getting & staying fit, and living in a way that allows you to be able to sign up for races without fear for being ready enough, allows you to jump into races kinda last minute because you never know when opportunities might come up, and allows you to take on all the adventure and “holy shit” moments that lead you to probably have to sprint up a flight of stairs, race for a train/bus/plane, pick up heavy shit, or simply take on anything that comes–well then that kind of training lets you move through life with the strength, endurance, general fitness, and maybe most importantly — the confidence to do whatever life throws at you. That’s living fully.

November Project can always help you keep training for life, including when life has races on the schedule.

So, maybe the question for all of us to answer–and answer again, if you’ve thought about this before– is do you realize that you’re training for life when you #justshowup? And when you see each and every Mon, Wed, and Fri workout as a contribution to you living fully & feeling like you can take on any and every adventure, obstacle, or holy shit moment that life offers, doesn’t it make it just a little more motivating to get up all those mornings? Heck, doesn’t it make it downright exciting to be able to get up and train like the badass athlete that you are, with the tribe next to you, beside you and supporting you?

That’s everything. It’s not just about races, even though #raceeverything can be super fun. It’s about training for life so your body is prepared for anything. And training with a community who will be right there when the “anything” actually happens, and you know you’re never stuck or alone.

So as we cruise into the weekend, go ahead and ask yourself: Am I training for life?

We’ve got those amazing, fierce, FREE workouts every single M/W/F to help you do just that. Show up. Keep showing up. INVITE and welcome other humans to show up. Let’s keep training, keep changing the world.



Wednesday 1/30: After our #PRday workout at Harvard stadium, get free coffee, bagels, and use of state-of-the-art fitness recovery tools with the tribe, hosted by the not-yet-open-to-the-public fitness facility BKBX, which is just around the corner from the stadium. If you can make a plan to hang for coffee, recovery, and some social time with the tribe, definitely consider coming along for the fun. It’ll be like a quick morning party, post workout! Everyone is welcome.

Every Saturday in February:November Project Boston’s co-leaders (EmSauce & Capozzi) will be hosting workouts on the Esplanade on SATURDAY mornings. MORE FREE FITNESS in Boston, which is a really really really REALLY great way to bring everyone who doesn’t want to get up for 6:30am workouts (yet) to show up to an NP-style workout and feel the vibe for everything it’s worth. Get them engaged (and hooked) and it might be a lot easier to get those family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, and strangers alike to show up MWF mornings with the rest of the tribe for the rest of time. These workouts are part of the Frost Fit Winter Series on the Esplanade, and we’re happy to collaborate with the Esplanade Association to make this happen. Here’s the summary:

  • All Saturdays in February. (Feb 2, Feb 9, Feb 16, Feb 23)
  • 10 – 11am
  • Free fitness + so much fun with NP co-leaders Emily Saul & Chris Capozzi
  • Meet in front of the Hatch Shell on the Esplanade.
  • Sign up here (more details listed in the sign-up) And you do NOT need to bring a yoga mat, despite what it says.

Super Bowl Sunday Racing: November Project Boston has been racing on Super Bowl Sunday for a handful of years now, in the Super Sunday 5 mile race, in Cambridge. There is a November Project team, and everyone who signs up from any NP tribe can register to be on the NP team. We love having a gigantic NP team!! Get ready to race on Feb 3, 2019. (sign up for either the 5mile or 5k distance and be sure to join the November Project team)

Next Monday 1/28: Destination Deck workout will be held right next to Paul Revere Park (Charlestown) and meet up spot will be under the Zakim Bridge. SEE THE MAP HERE. Monday Jan 28. 6:29am

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