Are You Guys Like A Crossfit Team? (YYZ)

Every damn Wednesday. Every damn Wednesday you show up and throw yourselves into what we do, no matter how weird it might be. Be it passing pumpkins in the rain, noisy games of Rock, Paper, Scissors, or running as many laps of the castle as possible, you take it in your stride. It makes me happy. I may not be able to run, but I can run vicariously through you guys.


  1. PR DAY. You smashed it. Huge grins, speedy feet. Shorts. T shirts. In December. Fuck yeah.
  2. THE WEATHER. Oooooo yeah I wasn’t alone on #TeamShorts this week.
  3. Newbies. On PR Day. And on a dark December morning no less. That’s seriously impressive – massive shout out to Mary and Brian (or Bryan. I didn’t think to ask how it’s spelled.) for just showing up this morning! You guys are going to fit right in.
  4. Grassroots gear. Did I mention how good my tagging was today? Frank is going to look so fresh as he reps us in LA.
  5. Calgary. I may have knocked Calgary a little this morning (sorry Scott), and that I spent my morning commute ruing that. That’s because without Calgary, I wouldn’t be having this much fun every damn Wednesday. Calgary is where I discovered November Project. Calgary is where I was introduced to this incredible community of people with a shared love of waking up early and kicking butt. And Calgary is where Tammara and Pete fanned the flames and inspired me to take that step to start pledging in Toronto. So thank you for Calgary. If you want to be cold in the winter, you be cold in the winter.
  6. “So are you guys like, a crossfit team?”. This was the response to my attempt at recruitment this morning. On the plus side, at least I didn’t get laughed at this time. On the downside, Hailey caught it all on camera.
  7. How do you brighten up a random stranger’s morning? Cheer tunnels. I’m throwing in high fives next time too. Next level.


Sunrise 6k is coming. Date to be announced. Meet point to be announced. All we are announcing right now is that it’ll be around sunrise. And it’ll be 6k. Just another opportunity to #raceeverything. And have fun on a Wednesday morning…

The Tracker – go track your PR achievements!

Peace out. I’m off to eat too much cherry pie.

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