Are You Good? (Boston 2.6.19)

Every Wednesday, I take a group of people who are new to NP — we call them #newbies — underneath the stadium to get a little extra hype, extra NP love and information, you know, so they don’t just get overwhelmed or swallowed up in the waves of experienced stair-running, fitness-loving tribe members ready to crush the workout.

I usually explain a little bit about who we are…what the hell we’re doing there…some basic keys for success like “keep moving!” and “do every stair, even the top and bottom one,” and “stay on the left, pass on the right, on the crimson stairs going down.” And I always make sure that those newbies really get it that when we do weird shit, or throw out a call & response for the bounce, or do things that you might not expect at some other “fitness thing,” it’s all good…it’s a community. A community intended to motivate and inspire, to help hold accountable and to build up each other, to have all the fun and work really hard, all at the same time.

So it’s not only irreverence that drives us to shout out “ARE YOU GOOD?” and for everyone to call back, “FUCK YEAH!” It’s also the deep-rooted belief that it’s good to be here. It’s good to be able to move our bodies for health, fitness, and fun. It’s good to be together, even if it’s dark, cold, the weather sucks, and it might have been nice to stay in bed. It’s good. THIS is good. And WE are good. Indeed. Not that everything is perfect–that’s unrealistic. But there’s power in shouting at the top of your lungs, very early in the morning, amongst a tribe of other awesome humans, FUCK YEAH. Sure, it feels a little irreverent, which isn’t a bad thing. And it’s also a declaration of what already is good–as well as an intention about how we want to feel, even if part of us also feels tired, cold, not super motivated, or unsure about this whole thing. It’s a statement of choosing to say YES, rather than bend toward all the challenges that we face.

Saying “FUCK YEAH” — or HECK YEAH, or AWWWWWWW YEAH, or whatever affirmative response fires you up, is a reminder to each and every one of us about the choice we made to show up, to put in the effort for the workout, to be someone in this powerful community for other people to see, appreciate, and even chase down as a butt carrot. Because yes, YOU are good. You’re good for this tribe.

And this tribe is good. It’s good for you, for me, and all of us.

It’s a good reminder to appreciate all the good that’s here. And the more we focus on it, the more good we experience too.

Speaking of good. This guy…Derek Straub, also known as “DRock” won the positivity award today. He’s been at NP, proud, dedicated, hard-working, and positive as heck for years. And we’re really glad he’s here. Don’t know him? Chat him up next time you see him at a workout. He’s got incredible stories to tell about how he never stops exploring. And he won’t tell you much of anything about his work because it’s totally top secret. He’s badass, super kind, and a good guy. Boom.


FRIDAY 2/8. 6:30am It’s #PRhill day. Show up especially if you’ve never been to the hills. Show up ready to challenge yourself and get faster because we’re racing for personal records (PRs), just like we do every 2nd Friday of the month. #JustShowUp!! Location: top of Summit Ave, Brookline. Corey Hill Outlook Park.

SATURDAY 2/9. 10am at the Hatch Memorial Shell on the Esplanade. FREE ($0) workout hosted by November Project co-leaders Capozzi & EmSauce, partnering with the Charles River Esplanade for the Frost Fit Winter Series. Everyone is welcome, literally JUST SHOW UP! more info here

MONDAY 2/12. 6:30am Our weekly #DestinationDeck workout will be held at the Mass Ave bridge, meeting on the Cambridge side. Exact location right here.

MONDAY 2/18. 5:30 & 6:30am President’s #Sunrise6kayday. 6k race. Fierce competition. Friends. Fun. Fancy Prizes. New tag! #recruiteveryone

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