Apr-hill is wrapped up, May starting up strong! [MTL]

Let’s recap the last few weeks and our quest for legs of steel!

Easter egg-ercises!

Across many cultures and traditions, that egg-citing “apr-hill long weekend” is celebrated differently:

  • Choco-fest
  • Bunny party
  • New year celebrations
  • Special dinners
  • Sitting around buildings with pointy roofs and bells
  • Many other things still…

… But we at NP have a different tradition yet: egg-exerises!!!

To continue in the spirit of Apr-hill, we met up at McGill University and after a quick warm-up, were on our wait to McTavish street and its famous hill! Hop stuff I tell you! And what a surprise, a scavenger egg hunt was waiting our yolks! In everyone of them, some fun egg-ercises were waiting:

  • Classics like push-ups, sit-ups, etc…
  • More out there like downward dog push-ups, and glute-raises bridges, etc…
  • Cartwheels?? Singing “Barbie Girl”?? … What is that even??

There’s no bunny like our NPers and they proved it once again with their egg-cellent workout form, smiles and positive energy.

They looove to egg-ercise!

The biggest hill of Apr-hill!

Every month has a last Wednesday. Every month has a race-day!
So how to do you combine Apr-hill and race-day? If only Montréal had a big mountain in the middle of the city… Oh wait!

If there is one thing I love about November Project, it’s that the design our workout exercise so that everyone can challenge themselves as hard as they want or can! I mean, we can all agree that if you bothered to get up and #JustShowedUp under the rain at 6:29 a.m., you are already a champion, so the rest is just a cherry on the cake! So, we made sure to offer four different routes to the Mont-Royal chalet from the hike up through the stairs to the long run up and around the Mont-Royal cross.

After assembling at the Georges-Étienne Cartier monument, our morning Avengers started up on their different paths up this “hill”, sharing smiles and positive energy along the way! To quote the philosophy from our good friends at Ciele Athletics: “My pace is my pace. My speed is my speed. Everybody runs.” and that couldn’t be in-line with ours! Well, maybe with an extra touch of #RunHappy!

We did it!!!

One could say the weather could have been better, but let me tell you, it didn’t bother this #WeatherProof rad group and they all made it to the top at blazing speed! Plus, as a bonus, we had the entire belvedere to ourselves! What a way to celebrate the end of Apr-hill!

Apr-hill smashed!!

May we climb some stairs?

May is getting a reputation here in Montreal! It has now become synonym with our return to our beloved Percival Molson Stadium! And our crew step up to the occasion!

There always was a “special something” between November Project and stadiums… And maybe our “different way” we see and use them!

Up, up, up and… up!

After 7 months away, let’s face it, our legs had lost a bit of their stair-magic; that, and some of our newer members hadn’t yet discovered that “special little something” you feel in your legs around 7:30 a.m. on Wednesdays! Thus, we celebrated our return with a 30-minute stair climbing challenge!

LC and I also had a chat about our we could change up the race-day and concluded that from now on, we would celebrate the “most improved” racers! Much more inclusive and that way, there will always be a way to race on those last Wednesday of the month: either trying to catch up that person in front or yourself from a could week before! But for that, we needed a benchmark, and this first “trial by stairs” was the perfect opportunity to get this going!

Here’s to many more Wednesday in the stadium this summer! But promise, they won’t all be this stair heavy!

May we have some more stairs?

Many races! Many PBs!

With both the Montreal Scotiabank 10km/half-marathon and the Wings for Life World Run completed, we look back at these two amazing weekends of fun and PBs!

With the nice weather finally showing its nose here in Montréal, this also means race season is starting up! And many of members took advantage of it!

It all started up with Jemal and “Camilo” crushed their sub-45-minute 10 km goal on a cold and rainy Saturday!


Followed the next day by our wonderful women demonstrating their speed with “LC” clocking in her first half-marathon while Dora and Kristina were crushing their PBs by a lot!

Why run alone when you can do it with so many friends!
Slow down! The camera can’t focus!

 If not racing for PBs, you can always race for a cause! And that’s what we did on at the Wings for Life World Run, supporting spiral cord research (and maybe enjoying a few mimosas along the way)!

There are many more races coming up this summer, and you can be sure November Project Montréal will be there to run, or cheer, or both! Want to jump on that train? Get in touch and/or come to one of our workouts! It’s free after all, and all you have to do is #JustShowUp!

Did someone say mimosas??
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