Another shared sunrise (Ottawa)

Is this everyone?? I don’t think so, technical difficulties with the group photo. please feel free to share if you got a screenshot of the crew!

Today we got to share the morning and the sunrise with Newport Beach, who joined in on the zoom workout. Shout out to Chicago for the pot workout, it was SOLID.

Although this is a challenging time, without our regular activities, visits and human interaction, as well as the stress of health and finances, we are grateful to have this community. It has created a coming together, even of cities we have never worked out with before! When else would we have been able to workout with people from Newport Beach and Ottawa at the SAME TIME? It just makes us appreciate this shared experience, and making the most of these times. Not just surviving, but making new connections, new relationships, creating new memories, and putting smiles on people’s faces early on a Wednesday morning. The bonus of coffee time together post workout is not getting old. We are all in our living rooms/kitchens/dens/decks?/basements having a cuppa Joe, while learning about other people.

SO, next week- the sunrise6K. A slightly modified Sunrise6K. Next week, your challenge is to find a route, on your own, and head out for a solo 6k sometime between Monday and Friday. We will have a googledoc set up where you can enter your time once completed. Post your outdoor solo photo, tag November Project Ottawa and #sunrise6k and #npcontinues. We can share this experience together from afar. Important considerations- please leave lots of space when passing if you are on a path, 6 feet to make your way around anyone, look to go run your 6K during less busy times- early morning perhaps? Avoid driving to other neighbourhoods to complete and be creative to find some hidden gems close by. Through this experience together, we can still do our part to keep our communities safe.

Thank you for sharing your morning, your time and your energy with us.

Here’s to bringing “soles” together,

Liz and Lauren


  1. Track Sunrise6k here
  2. Read a guest blog from another city
  3. Head to another city on Friday morning to share the worldwide energy!
  4. Have a wonderful Wednesday

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