And Then There Were Three (PHL)

Two-and-a-half years ago we started working out in Philadelphia.  A few months later we were formally recognized as a November Project Tribe.  Through the hot and cold, wet and dry, bright and dark, we trained, connected, hugged and most importantly SHOWED UP for ourselves and one another.  Fast forward to today…the Tribe is friendly, the Tribe is vibrant, the Tribe is STRONG.  Beyond the numbers or attention,  the two greatest points of pride for me is our consistency and the connections forged.  In these past two-and-a-half years, we have not cancelled, postponed or called off a single workout for any reason.  There is something special about knowing that on a Wednesday or Friday morning, if you pull your ass out of bed, you can find a workout, some big hugs and an army of cheerleaders to encourage you along the way.

Since its inception, Suzanne and I have created the workouts, shot the photographs, led the bounces, yelled the workouts and directed the Tribe.  Leading the Tribe is lots of fun, lots of work, and quite frankly, one of the more uniquely cool experiences I’ve had.  Today marks a huge chapter in the book that is November Project Philadelphia.  We have added the super capable, super funny, super friendly, super motivating force that is BETH BLENDELL to the leadership team.  Beth not only understands the core mission of our group but she is creative and can connect with almost anyone.  Suzanne and I are pumped to welcome Beth and excited for the fun shit we’re going to get up to…LOOK OUT NP_PHL!!

FRIDAY – LEMON HILL 6:25 AM – Gary and Amanda will be babysitting the Tribe while we’re stumbling down mountains in Canada!

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