Adapting (YEG)


It was so great to see so many of you last weekend at the button pickup. It was a good reminder of the energy that comes from being in the presence of others. For those that showed up thank you for showing up. I know I speak for Jen and Rob when I say that we truly appreciated seeing all of you. And we really can’t wait until we are able to do that more often.

One thing I’ve been really tuned into, is what are some of the core elements that fill my cup. Yes, it’s November Project. But, is it the physical activity? Is it the connection to others? Is it the hugs? Is it the presence of others? And so on…. what are those things? And from there, is there another way to get that? Can I get that virtually? Can I get those things while fitting in with the guidelines that are in place? I’ve been trying to use that lens when I see what others are up to. What creative things are they doing to find these things that fill their cup? Maybe from there, I can adapt them and use it as a tool to help me.

#SeenOnMyRun was a product of this, and perhaps you can scale it to work with 2 people, or with 3, or with everyone. Maybe it’s posting a selfie of the back of your head that keeps you accountable. Maybe that inspires someone else to get out of bed and get moving. Whatever it is that you’re doing, when you share it you’re helping others figure things out. I love seeing how you’re adapting. Whether you’re sitting on a couch watching all of the season of Survivor (this is me) or biking to work every day (shoutout to Jen), know that whatever you’re doing is ok. It’s ok to just be.

There’s a great hour of content from NP the Show which talks about Inclusivity and what that is all about in the context of November Project. I’d recommend you go watch.

You may see some other cities starting up again and we’re really excited for them. Unfortunately, we aren’t at that point. When we are, you’ll be sure to know. One thing we do know though, is that everyone will have to re-sign the waiver. It’s digital, and it’s right here. If you want to get ahead of the game, feel free to do it now. But know that when we do return, these are mandatory. We’ll remind you about it again when its deemed go time!.

Next Wednesday is Global Run day! Whatever that means to you… do it. I’m going to be running 5k on that day. What are you going to do?

PS. I hear that Canada Day and our 7th birthday are coming up.

Find the Good,

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