A Rollercoaster Morning

Christmas came early for everyone who showed up today. World takeover needs warm ears, necks and hands and our tribe members over at Lululemon on Whyte has equipped us with everything we need! The wind didn’t stop us, and neither did the sheet of ice waiting for us at the top. The run to the statue turned into a waddle so that everyone stayed upright. With the sudden change in conditions, it felt like a rollercoaster ride. Thankfully, no one lost their breakfast on the stairs.. or did they…

Today, for the first time we presented the Positivity Award to a member of the tribe. While we had many people who could easily have been awarded this prestigious honour, it was clear that Judy McGee was the recipient for today. Judy might look like a blur as she zips up and down the stairs, but she still takes time to make sure everyone has that extra dose of encouragement on their way up. You are setting the bar with the picture. Make it count. No pressure.

 In case you’re wondering, we WILL be at the stairs next Wednesday.

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