A Primer on NP Summit (GR)

As a new tribe, we will experience our very first #NPSUMMIT. What is NP Summit? Read all about it from a 2-time Summiter with facts added in from google and November Project the book. It’s about as accurate as wikipedia, probably.

The year was two thousand thirteen. As the story goes, NHL star and NP Edmonton co-leader, Andrew Ference, suggested that all the leaders (10 cities at the time) come to Edmonton for an Oilers’ game. Brogan and Bojan couldn’t turn down a party in a cold-ass city, so before they knew it, the leaders were visiting NP’s coldest city in the middle of winter for what would become NP Summit.

Word quickly spread about the good vibes, hugs, and shenanigans. The tribe members wanted a piece of the c0-leader’s action and in 2014, NP Summit 2.0 was held alongside The North Face’s Wisconsin race. This yearly event met two needs: an opportunity for the co-leaders to discuss all things November Project and an meet-up for tribe members from all over the world to connect. In 2015, NP Summit 3.0 was held in Utah, with NP Summit 4.0 (<— this video is sick) – at Blue Mountain in Ontario.

Last year, Summit 5.0 brought 43 tribes back to the mothership, BOSTON. On Friday morning, hundreds (probably more) bounced, hugged, and ran the steps of the historic Harvard Stadium. During the day on Friday, NP took over a brewery, went to a Red Sox game, and made new friends. On Saturday, NP raced through the rugged trails of Wachusett Mountain. That night, NP partied in Boston before everyone hopped on flights and went back to their normal lives.

But, NP Summit is more than a fun weekend. It’s a blending of people with a shared experience.

At Summit 5.0, I was at a random coffee shop, no where near the NP Summit festivities. My plans had fallen through and I was looking for a way to get across town to the brewery that had been taken over by 50+ November Project folks. This coffee shop contained an NP member from SF. We made small talk and next thing I knew, we were sharing an Uber, and all sorts of details about our lives. (She’s seriously badass)

After that, I followed up on a random Facebook post to get ramen at what was described as the best ramen noodles in town. As we waited in line, I met members from Utah (NP BOS badass), Amsterdam, London, and all over the globe. I shared my dreams in front of a room full of NP members.

These new friends have kept in touch and supported our tribe.

THIS is NP Summit. A connection made solely on a love of free-fitness. A connection that you’d never make if it wasn’t for NP.

So this is your HYPE notice. At the end of the week, the date and location for Summit 6.0 will drop.

Does it sound like something you’d love? Excellent. Get on it.

Does it sound terrifying or intimidating? Good. This is your chance to try something new. To get to know your fellow tribe-members at a deeper level. To see how big and powerful this movement really is.

Because this shit is so good. And it’s in 45 cities. Every Wednesday. And for one weekend a year, it all collides into a neon-colored pit of positivity, hugs, and awesome.


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