A November Project Legacy

For anyone who didn’t know the history of November Project Ottawa, it was birthed through November Project Canada (Edmonton- the first Canadian NP city). This Monday, Jen and Nadim stepped down from leadership, after 7 + years of Monday, Wednesday, Friday workouts, that’s 1118 workouts later. This community has been a big influence on what we have modeled our community after. We are so grateful for their guidance, and steady consistency, keeping things simple, remembering the importance of community. They always asked us “Is this what is best for our city and our community?” and helped us filter the decisions that way. We are grateful for you, Jen and Nadim, and know you are never far away.

We feel it’s important for you all to read and hear what Jen and Nadim have to say as their parting words. It made one or maybe two of us a little teary eyed.

This morning we cycled through 15 movements. We completed 15 reps of each of those movements and went out for a run in our neighbourhoods, backyards or jump and jacked in our basements. The moments when we weren’t running we were able to shout out, encourage and give someone some positive feedback as beads of sweat (maybe rain) definitely dripped down our foreheads.

Thank you for sharing your morning, your smiles, energy and good vibes with us.

Here’s to bringing soles together,

Lauren and Liz


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