A little bit of movement in my life (Ottawa)

How does movement make you feel?

How does it feel when you haven’t had movement in a while?

What does it take to keep you moving the way you want?

What for you is the movement you like most?

What time of day? What kind of workout? Who is around you? Who are you talking to? Or are you by yourself? What are you doing before or after the workout? When do you feel your best?

A little bit of movement can mean a lot of things to different people and that’s why we are asking you to consider what that is for you.

Sometimes it can depend on the mood you are in, and what you need at that time. What we get from Wednesday morning is a morning workout, rising with the sun (or not so much sun in the winter time), we are surrounded by people, those we know, and those we may not know, we start the morning off with some groggy faces, some sleepy hugs and a little buzz of anticipation for the upcoming workout. There is a level of uncertainty that arises from not knowing exactly what the workout will look like, which gives us a nervous feeling in our stomach, but excitement for what is to come. We get the body slowly moving with a little bounce, a quick explanation of the workout, and off we go! On to face our challenge of the day. We move for the next 30 minutes, hard, with intention, with intensity, whatever that looks like for us. We may experience some moments where we want to give up, and slow down and catch our breath, we battle through some of those moments to just. keep. moving. And almost before we know it, time is called, and we are gathering once again for a group photo, to hand out some sweaty high fives and tell another person that we are glad they are here.

That feeling of movement and people who surrounded us that morning stays with us for the day. The movement gives us energy, positivity and light to share with others. The movement may also make us sore, fatigued by 7pm that night, and even some delayed onset muscle soreness the following day or two. But the feeling of getting up to tackle the morning, and move our bodies makes us crave more. So we show up. again, and again, and again on the next Wednesday.

So, thanks for sharing your morning, your time and your energy with us. Here’s to bringing “soles” together.

Liz and Lauren


  1. Next week: Monday morning HOLIDAY WORKOUT! Westboro beach 6:29am
  2. Bring a friend
  3. Read a blog from another city
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