The Best Friday Evah, kids!


YOOOOOOOOOO! It’s been a while old friends!

Figured with the return of one of the greatest workouts ever, I might as well take back the keys to the type-writer.

I got two words to describe this morning that’ll instill so much FOMO that I’ll be forced to end this blog abruptly.

Indiana Jones.

You knew it was coming.  I warned you WEEKS in advance.  Some of you showed face and others didn’t.  To those that didn’t, I’m sorry and lets not make the same mistake twice…

This coming Monday morning. April 2nd. Set your alarms early. Before the birds chirp. Heat up a cup of java. Dress yourself in ALL ORANGE. Lace up and hit the road (Jack). Head on over to this spot collecting any and all orange construction cones you pass on your way. Payne and I will lead you in some free fitness chaos. You’ll hug, you’ll smile, you’ll sweat and discover a spot you probably don’t know exists. We’ll all run off in to the sunrise and return your cones to where you found them… And THAT is exactly how we’ll Monday…
WARNING: You might experience mild side affects of never needing to start your week off with a cup of coffee (Joe) again…
See you there. #Riseofthelittleboycones

I love waking up to all of these beautiful faces three mornings a week (because let’s be honest, we really don’t wake up til we start that 6:30AM bounce…)

See y’all Monday!



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