Skaters gonna skate

Wisconsin Notes:

-GREAT SKATE, February 4th

-Chain for Change, February 4th

-Mel and Desiree, NP BFF’s

It is Wednesday, my dudes. And what a Wednesday morning it was! It was only medium cold this morning so we took it out onto the ice and did some person makers and 4 corners and sprints (and some impromptu lost key searching). Then we took it to the path and did some running and about a zillion pushups!

Mel AND Desiree won the positivity award this morning! While talking it through we couldn’t figure out who to give it to first because they’re always together, so we figured why not give it to them both! Mel and Desiree are at every workout and every event and they’re both always working their butts off! You have infectious smiles and sunny attitudes, you’re an integral part of our community and WE ARE GLAD YOU ARE HERE!

The Great Skate is Sunday, February 4th, 9am. Register here:

Chain for Change is Sunday, February 4th, 1pm. Register here:

(and sign up on the November Project team- we’ve already got 10 people, let’s make it 20, or 30 or more!)

Tribe, it’s going to be an absolutely fire day. Sign up for both and show up for both and you have my personal promise that you won’t be disappointed! This is going to be an iconic Winnipeg winter day, you won’t want to miss out.

Friday, February 2, 6:14 @ the Forks we are having a POP UP WORKOUT because we have NP leaders coming in from out of town and we want to show them what our winter workouts are all about!

Thursday, February 1st, 7:30-8am, Chain for Change is looking for some people to skate in the background at the Forks for a news segment about their event.

Ok, so pretty much just block off February 1-4th for excellent outdoor events and general hype! This is gonna be epic!

Sawry this has been a short blog, but we’ve been busy trying to make sure the Great Skate is going to be the GREATEST!

Get outside. Stay outside.

Megan Cora of the House Hunter, First of her name, Kahlessi of giving information, breaker of bones, and mother of the Great Skate


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