Pumpkins. Sebastians. L…   [If someone’s got the L please let us know.]

 So as I sit here drinking my post steak-dinner-for-one cup of tea and obviously icing another part of my body, I cannot help but reflect upon this morning and feel a huge surge of pride. This morning, it rained. Really rained. Like, being back in England kind of rain. Like, the tail end of a hurricane kind of rain. This is the first time that we’ve had serious rainfall since we became November Project Toronto, and I’m ashamed to admit, I was a little concerned about how many of us would show up. It was cold, it was dark, and staying in bed was always going to be a very enticing option. I didn’t give our tribe enough credit though. They were there, pumpkins (and in some cases, umbrellas) in hand. We were ecstatic.

 It was the kind of rain that no matter how well dressed you were, you were going to get wet eventually (unless you’re wearing a poncho made from a dry cleaner’s bag). So we bowed to the inevitable and paid our debt: Royals beat Blue Jays, so we owed a Sebastian to NP KC. We went straight into the burpees and hit the puddle strewn deck.

Sebastians over, it was pumpkin time. The rain was falling fast, and in the interest of safety, we decided to skip the whole running with pumpkins thing. Wise decision – faster running gave people a chance to warm up a little. Do the waivers cover us for hypothermia? I forgot to check.

Just silhouettes.

Anyway, back to the important thing – the huge surge of pride. I can’t believe how far this tribe has come in the last few months. To see people travelling from across the city, braving the rain, and just getting on with it was incredible. Was it miserable at times? Yes. Did the rain soak through my shorts and make me wish that waterproof boxers were a thing? Of course. Would I do it again? Fuck yeah. These people make waking up early to workout seem like a great idea. They put a smile on my face every single Wednesday morning, and I can’t wait to crush the winter with them.


Things to know:

1. Next Wednesday – same time, same place. PR Day. Tagging (did we mention that we have a city tag now?!?!?!?) if you want grassroots gear. The session will be up on the Tracker soon, so get keen and drop those verbals. And bring your stopwatch!

2. Sunday 8th November. Save the date. Be ready for a black and white costume – theme TBC – because it’s #BetterThanBedtime and we’re running and drinking. We don’t get to know each other very well during workouts. This is us (i.e. the whole of November Project in all 26 cities) doing something about that). We’re going to meet somewhere, run a mystery route (Claire and I will know where we’re running at least) and have a drink or two.

3. I’ve forgotten.

4. November Project buffs. Interested? Talk to us.

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