Who Ya Gonna Call?

#LateBlog.  Life and stuff.  C’est la vie.

Wisconsin notes: #BetterThanBedtime November 8 at 7 pm.  Do it.

Leading up to the workout this week – the Mondays and Tuesdays of days gone passed – I was having a really hard time getting excited for Wednesday morning.  Call it a seasonal depression as I watch it getting super dark in the morning, and all the rainy sleety awfulness that we were experiencing was just gettin me down. We have been solidly over 100 tribe members at every workout since June, and I thought for sure this would be the week that tested who the core members really are. How many will get out of bed in negative temperatures when its been raining all night? 50? 60? Just a few smiling faces would be great, right??


106 humans.  Thats real.  Thats amazing.  Thats a made up number. Counting is a pain in the ass.  But it was a lot of you. And it was incredible.

I realized yesterday that i’ve missed PR day in the parking garage.  Sure its a little dreary and not as much fun as running along the river, but I love watching all of you run together side by side, no matter what your speed is you pass each other twice per lap and cheer each other on and thats the good shit that NP is built upon.  Its special to watch and its probably my favorite part of the pending winter weather!


Diane showed up today, like she has been since we started this crazy little group well over a year ago.  And she didn’t leave early like last week, so she got to take home the Positivity Award – a long overdue triumph for such a steady, inspiring core member who works her ass off every week.  Thanks for bringing it Diane and thanks for helping us grow and sticking with the tribe through thick and thin!

If you haven’t already heard, we’re having an extra special gathering of friends thats NOT on a Wednesday and NOT in the morning.  I know – crazy right?  #BetterThanBedtime 2015 is sweeping across 26 cities on NOVEMBER 8 at 7:00 pm kick-ass Winnipeg-time.  What is it?  Read this.  And then #JustShowUp.

Love and Staypuffed Marshmallow Men,

November Project Winnipeg

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