299,235 of reps to go…. (YEG)

Take one down pass it around, 299,234 reps to go. Just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it haha.

Here we go, we set a big goal for March trying to get through a volume of reps and I think we’ll be able to get it done! Thank you to everyone who has signed up on a team and everyone who is submitted individually too. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed.

Here are the rep break downs as of today:

If you don’t see your team up yet make sure to message us.

On top of all this the buffs are here and for sale! Check our social media pages for locations on where you can run through or do a curbside pickup.

Getting to see your faces even for that brief moment has really meant a lot. It feels like nothing has changed even though so much has (some of you have giant beards now!!!)

I hope you are doing well, I hope you find some time to enjoy the warmer weather, and I hope I get to wave to you soon 🙂

Side note: I am going to working with Corporate NP on a Inclusive Exercise and Movement Committee working to compile specific exercises and movements that can be incorporated into workouts to make them more inclusive to people of varying sizes, abilities, cultures, backgrounds, etc. If this is of any interest to you or if you have any ideas on the topic please feel free to reach out (novprojectcan@gmail.com). I would love to have a conversation about it and hear from the greater community here in YEG.

Keep being awesome,


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