22 x 137 = #3014

It’s November.  It’s mornings like this one that make me remember winter months in my home state of Minnesota.  When the heat clicks on in the house and the bed feels toasty enough to make you think about just turning the alarm off and staying in bed because it’s so not toasty out of bed and it’s really quite chilly outside. But it’s November.  For the rest of the world, this morning wasn’t one that made people rise and shine with any particular delight for the first Monday in November.  But to this world of November Project, today is a day to celebrate.  Today is the first day of the fourth year in which we get to swing our feet out of bed onto the cold floor, layer on our #GrassrootsGear, lace up our kicks, and run across this amazing city to join the hundreds of other people who choose hugs over gym membership fees as we get some free fitness. It was so windy this morning that as I ran across the Mass Ave. bridge and the wind gusts just about took me off my feet, I recalled the survival technique that my older siblings taught me while waiting for the bus on frigid windy mornings when the flat Minnesota landscape made wind lethal.  Lay on the ground…the wind can’t hit you quite as hard when you are flat.  Well the tribe got down on the ground, but we didn’t just lie there today hoping we would be rescued by the bus.  We are #Weatherproof.  Yup, we got busy.

Riverbend park, also known as Harvard’s “beach” saw fewer partially-nude, brilliant-minded young bodies, but we were mathematical geniuses today.  22 groups x 137 push-ups and sit ups = #3014 push-ups and sit ups.

Every group member was responsible for 137 push-ups and sit ups, interspersed with cow-bell fire drills during which groups 1-22 could either run across Weeks Footbridge or to Weld Boathouse and back.  We really wanted everyone to finish the 137 quickly but at one point I definitely heard a small voice like Cindy Lou Who from the Grinch who Stole Christmas calling out “more cow bell…” So we had more cow bell.  Two lessons that were very clear this morning, we could call them keys to survival in this NP world: STICK WITH THE TRIBE & JUST KEEP MOVING. Simple truths relevant at every DD, every Stadium workout, and every Friday at the hills.  All this running and pushuping and sitting up is a kick ass way to start the week.

stick with the tribe

To summarize this amazing morning, we:

Gave out 5 hugs

Did 4 cow bell running firedrills (everyone did 3 but group 14 did 4 because they finished first)

Celebrated 3 years as a tribe

Have 2 days until the biggest day EVER

One tribe. One love.

Zero birthdays, so an honorary Birthday BOOM to John the camera man!

And a shout out to Diana Hunt for lending DEE your camera for some high-quality photos this morning.  You da best!

Speaking of Wednesday, I believe we have to live in the moment and stay present, because that is how we live most fully.  I got really excited seeing you all kick ass, support your groups, and crush 137s this morning.  Seeing the strength and commitment from each of you this morning set me on fire for Wednesday.  My focus is there now and we want your focus there too.  November Project and this #FreeFitness movement is about including everyone.  We are reminding the world that we can have fun AND get fit, we can do badass workouts AND welcome everyone, we can build community AND build healthy bodies.  I want you to show up on Wednesday ready to race first and foremost because that’s what we do. We hug and we challenge each other to do more sections than we did last time.  We do it a little faster.  We do it with a DJ (Phoenix in the house again!) And we do it with style –Go ahead, and plan your Yearbook Photo outfit and get your #GrassrootsGear ready…sweaty is sexy my friends!  We are taking over the world.

VERBAL right now.  Get everyone you know to verbal too.  Let’s show Bojan and BG and the whole fucking world what this Boston town can do. Let’s be 1000 strong.

Just.  Show.  Up.

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