With Arms Wide Open (SD)

November Project can be the hardest workout of your entire week, month, year, or even life… if you let it.

November Project can be the most fun morning you’ve ever experienced… if you let it.

November Project can introduce you to your new best friends and family… if you let it.


But you have to let it. As I looked at video and photos from this morning, I noticed a few things. There are a couple of people standing in the back, arms folded, not bouncing, not Boon-Roo-Tah-ing, half smiling, and half hugging (we’ll have to address the proper hug again I guess). There were people jogging through the cactus maze, shuffle skipping, and walking between rose gardens.

If you were one of those people you are cheating yourself. YOU have the power to make November Project all that it can be. The people around you bouncing, laughing, hugging, sprinting, and hustling 100% definitely had a better workout, more fun morning, and have made better connections than you did today. But you can change that.

Give it a shot. Let November Project and all it’s neon weirdness in. Embrace it. We’re waiting for you with arms wide open (s/o to Creed).













Be happy. Be strong. Be bright San Diego.


– Rose Gardens (and any other garden we may find ourselves in) are for roses (and other plants). Not your water bottles, shirts, keys, and phones. Be respectful of Mother Nature. 

– MONDAY!! Crown Point Shores. This will be an epic morning. Don’t miss out. Location is HERE. Parking is in the lot directly SOUTH of the pinned location, between Corona Oriente Rd and Bayside Walk.

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