Winter Is Coming

Be cognizant of muggles on the stairs, Jerkfaces
Christmas Party on Dec 19th

It was the first workout this season with snow sticking to the ground, snow falling around us, and snow, well snow snow snow was the buzz word of the week.
The tribe was strong today, we all were jolly, Tammaradactyl had a killer workout put together, harder than we’ve had in a long time! And everyone expressed that both during.. and after the workout, throughout the day. I Love.let me be clear here. I LOVE! seeing how peoples days have gotten better after there workout with us at NP! the Buzz on social media after each workout, its indescribable and amazing!

Wednesdays stair session was fun, cold and wild! a nice mix of stairs and hills, swearing and sweating. and comments from a random bypasser to stay “single file JerkFace!”. I’m eternally blessed to be there to hear this go down when poor little Paige, our spicy olympic figure skater, with a heart of gold, and personality made of magic, to be called..yes..a jerkface.
Now to be clear, we should all be watching and staying to the right ( Left if your from London, just to future proof this blog for when we have a global takeover). So this by passer wasnt completely out of line, but lets be honest. Paige was nooottt taking up an entire half of the lane. physically impossible. actually. But it made for great laughs, inside jokes and LOL’s (lot of loves)



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