Who are we? I’ll tell YOU who WE are…

There’s a community of people out there, it’s like nothing I’ve been touched by before, and it is a beautiful thing. 

As always, I wish I could better explain it for you. 

Many of you probably know several people in the November Project Columbus community. You likely are seeing a uptick in Facebook and Instagram posts from us lately, and that’s because we want you to come out and experience who and what we are.

So let me start with this; our social media presence can be deceiving. It’s a part of the world we live in, but it’s not who we are. 

We are about seeing each other in person. 
We are about hearing each other’s voice. 
We are about feeling each other’s embrace. 
We are about uplifting each other’s spirit. 
We are about making you feel seen. 
We are about making you feel heard. 
We are about making you feel known. 
We are about making you feel capable.
We are about making you feel free.
We are about making you feel included. 
We are about you.
We are about us. 

We’ve had so many new people come join us lately, and we, as a community, not just the leadership, do our best to welcome everyone.

As leadership, We don’t get paid to do this. We don’t get bonuses for more people. There’s no incentive for us to do this besides you.

We do this because of you.

I do this because of you.

But when Wednesday is over, then what? 

I have almost daily conversations with several people in our community. What do we talk about? Our day, our struggles, our victories, we listen, we guide, we hang out, anything. We laugh, we cry, we everything. 

We get together outside Wednesday’s to talk in ways we just can’t do in a workout. We learn each other. We enjoy each other.

We also get together outside Wednesday’s to enjoy each other’s company in a different workout environment too. Go for a run, a ride, yoga, strength training, anything.

Marlee Pavlechko showed up for a weeknight workout over the summer. We didn’t hear from her again until thanksgiving. (Was anyone not surprised that over four months later, Starkartar Khalsa remembered her name? If you know her, yes. You were still surprised) Since New Years, she is a regular, and with her beaming smile, it brightens me up every week. The pride she carries in us is the pride I, we carry for her.
Marlee, in the white, joined knowing no one here, now she’s on runs with fellow NPers.

Anna Snyder has been coming longer than I have, and she is a total badass. When she sets out to do something, it will get done. Morgan Green made her a Christmas ornament to remind her “You can do hard things”. A simple phrase that we don’t think about, that now drives Anna even harder. She just beat her dad for the first time in a race, while taking 2nd in her age group.
Anna, purple, was more surprised than I was. It’s what I’ve come to expect out of her, even if she doesn’t.


Jake Lees is one of the funniest people we have, and I don’t know how many people realize this yet.  We knew each other through our similar running circles, but we had yet to meet each other. I invited Jake out to our July 4th Bridge workout, our first time meeting. He left about 10 minutes early, for family obligations, but he stopped next to me, said “I hate you” and left.
Well shit…
About two months later, Jake finally came back. I’ve realized that was his way of thanking me for inviting him, and has been a staple with his Vibram Five Fingers since.
Jake, along with his wife, Laura, manages a local improv comedy group (That’s on stage tonight at Combustion Brewery in Pickerington https://facebook.com/events/s/healthy-dose-presents-a-charit/268620444118861/?ti=icl )
So, like, I’m serious.
He’s funny.


Michael Pawlus JUST moved here from Los Angeles (and NP LAX) and in his time here, three weeks I believe, he’s joined us in a social outing, several runs with people in our community, other workouts outside NP, post workout coffees, etc. When Michael landed here, knowing no one, we welcomed him in, and he has warmly embraced us.
I’m pretty sure he and I have a play date for our kids coming soon.

Andrew Hall is, like I, reinventing himself. Having gone through a recent divorce, he is opening himself up to receive whatever comes at him, and treat it like a new experience. So when November Project came at him, he absorbed and reflected. The kindness, warmth, and positivity emitted from him is unending. He shows up every week. He purposefully immerses himself into whatever he does. He is unapologetically himself at all times, and we want nothing less from him.

Who are we?

I’m a Ironworker.
We are med students. 
Social workers. 
Non Profit Directors. 
Law clerks. 
5th grader. 
Physical therapists.
Enthusiasm Coordinators. 
Air Force. 
Veterinary Technicians.
Data scientists. 
Maintenance technicians. 
Startup employees. 
Delivery drivers. 
Speech therapists. 
Research associates. 
Human Resources. 
Software engineers. 
Outreach Coordinator.
Environmental manager. 
Trail runners. 
Road runners. 

We are the human connection.

We are you.

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