We’re going on a scavenger hunt

In case you might not get it by the title of the blog this morning we went on a scavenger hunt. If for some reason you missed your alarm or your sheets were just too cosy to get out of here are the clues we gave out:

  1. This is a common target for NP running workouts. It is tall and gray. Complete 10 burpees, and burpee until your entire team arrives. Once everyone arrives, you’ll find your photo shoot location with every person having one pinky finger on this MOMENTUS thing.
  2. This is your home away from home that is open 24/7.  True fact this place doesn’t even have a lock on their door.  We have yet to workout at this location so we’re asking you to complete 10 squats and 10 lunges until your entire team arrives.  Once you are all at the location take a photo under the bright lights (we are encouraging group shots that highlight your love for this place) and share a convo with an employee if you feel like it. 
  3. This spot is very patriotic. Perhaps not to all of Ottawa, but the fact that we celebrated Canada Day morning here, in red and white, makes it patriotic for us. Let’s reminisce on that morning and hit this spot quick. Parcourt the ramps, with creativity and grace, then find a surface in which to complete incline push ups (or choose 1 step up from your typical push up option (i.e. if you usual go from your knees, try from your toes). Climb your way to the top of the net for a group snapshot.
  4. #wereallthewayup.  If you want a perfect spot to watch a free concert this would be the place. All of Ottawa might already know this or you just learnt something new.  Do you know it yet? Keep moving up and down the                  (we couldn’t give it all away) until the rest of your team arrives.  Make sure you take a photo when your #allthewayup. 
  5. Are you looking to run into some Redblacks players over coffee? Want the chance to chat about last week’s game over scrambled eggs?  Well this spot may just be it.  With eggs grilled to perfection, wait are eggs grilled? This place is the opposite of a sunrise. Be an egg and complete 20 tight tuck jumps.  It would be great if you positioned yourself like an egg for the photo.  
  6. This is a day outside the stadium, which means no stadium stairs.  BUT, we still have access to one set close by. Since we’re so used to doing SO MANY SECTIONS OF THESE…. Let’s step it up, actually let’s jump it up. Choose your choice of jump (two feet) or hop (1 foot) all the way up and down the stairs 3 times, and keep going until your whole team arrives. Be careful and use the railings if needed (#safetythird). Take a cute shot of the whole team in a position other than standing or sitting.
  7. Head to the back to school workout location, otherwise known as the newest link from Queen Elizabeth to Colonel By by foot. Lunge your way to the halfway point, to the highest point of this bridge and take a photo of your team with the most beautiful background.
  8. Run to take cover here. This path is busy with cyclists and runners alike all year round and has a beautiful view of the canal. Your photoshoot location can be found under this concrete arch structure that connects lansdowne to old Ottawa South. Complete 50 bicycle crunches to act like the cyclists driving by. Say hi to them on their morning commute! Make sure the photo has this concrete structure in view.
  9. This digital sign cannot been seen from Bank Street.  Fun fact; November Project Ottawa has been featured on this sign from time to time.  The closest body of water is the Rideau Canal.  Find yourself a sweet spot on the grass and complete 10 inch worms and 10 gopher squats until your whole team arrives.  Plan your photo shoot like a classic standing beside a sign photo. 
  10. This place is Ritzy. It’s somewhere along the canal. If you find yourself in first, head a little farther west by 4 blocks or so, and you should hit this swanky spot. Complete 20 curtsy lunges to demonstrate how elegant you can be, partner up to make it a dance. Please take a photo of your best curtsy.
  11. This spot shows our canal from a different viewpoint, from a higher perspective atop a sturdy structure that allows you to cross over the water. You can certainly hear the cheers from the Redblacks and probably even into the 67’s arena. You are going to want to stay on the sidewalk here, but sprint up the hill to the middle of this structure. Do some jumping jacks and wave, give thumbs up, make the morning better for some people commuting. Bonus points if they thumbs up, wave or honk back at you.

There were some strict instructions that you had to make it back to the Aberdeen Pavilion by 6:59am giving you a minute to spare and compose yourself before we took the photo today.

Mornings like these remind us what it feels like to be somewhere new and unfamiliar at first. It gives us time to revisit old spots while noticing small things that often go unnoticed. It also might be bring back the good old’ backyard pirating days and searching for hidden loot. This mornings loot could have been one of many but to name a few; maybe the amount of times you ran up and down that hill waiting for a teammate. Your iconic photo-op in front of Kettlemans that will live forever. The moment you’re still dreaming off when your eggs are not too runny but are cooked just perfectly and the Reblacks are looking for a pump up post workout, sorry that didn’t happen. Getting all ritzy at the Ritz and elegantly curtsying along the Queen Elizabeth Parkway.

In case we are not doing enough justice yet by these sheer examples listed above please make sure to check out the hashtage #npscavengerhunt or click here


  1. Next week we are in the Stadium
  2. October 17th get ready to socialize and bowl and socialize and bowl – details to come
  3. Motionball this weekend! Reach out to support the cause
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