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Wisconsin Notes:
-lots of burpees and running
-Sage Creek Run, Oct 7th
-summer is over

Well, hello there NP fam, it’s been a hot second since we’ve blogged and for that I apologize, so sawry. Hopefully back to more regular programming.

We had an excellent summer, we hosted some tough workout and some fun events, y’all showed up in numbers and worked your asses off and for that we thank you.

Scott came to a million workouts in a row, so Derek gave him some sweet shorts, Kristjana sold her soul for an NP mug, Omus BECAME A CANADIAN CITIZEN and Dave showed up with the Shabooya to support her, and a bunch of other daily inspirations and connections that I cannot recall at the moment. Thank you for sharing your lives with all of us and allowing us to celebrate each other.

Summer is over and the school year has started, the days are getting darker, shorter and cooler and yet you all keep showing up with your warm smiles and warm hearts.

We’re always coming up with fresh fun to throw at you, so keep coming out and we promise to keep the hype levels high!

The workout this morning was TOUGH we did all sorts of lunges and running and burpees and Toby crushed the burpee ladder by being the only one to make it to 11!

So my return to blogging is a bit of a cheat because I am reblogging my Terry Fox blog from last year because:
a) it’s that time of year again
b) I think it’s the best blog I’ve written
c) Terry Fox is a Canadian hero who should be celebrated every year

So here we go again!

Now, buckle up, this is going to be an emotional one.  Terry Fox.  If you went to school after the 80’s, work in a school now, have a child, have looked at the picture on a loonie or have been in Canada in September you will probably know who Terry Fox is.  I was an emotional kid and I spent every Terry Fox assembly trying to hide from the other kids that I was crying (I’m not crying- you’re crying).  But after a certain point Terry’s was a story that I’d heard so many times that I’d stopped really examining it. It turned into – ‘Terry Fox, dope Canadian hero, ran really far, great hair, cancer awareness, yadda, yadda’.

Until last year, at the school I work at, during the morning announcements in September, the ‘Terry Fact of the Day’ was that Terry ran a full marathon every day for 143 days.  I stopped cold in my tracks. A. FULL. MARATHON. EVERY. DAY.  Think for a minute about how truly remarkable that is. Terry Fox was only 21 years old, he had a prosthetic leg, he had recently fought cancer and he ran a full marathon for 143 consecutive days. He ran 5373 kilometers across Canada until he was forced to stop.   I am gassed for weeks after running one marathon, and I am completely healthy.

We can all call to mind the strange, swinging, hop running style that Terry had and that is because the spring in his prosthetic leg took a second to reset every step, he needed to completely change his running stride to accommodate it.  I mean, a few years ago when I was training for a marathon, I tried to switch from heel striking to toe striking and I nearly had a breakdown and quit running- ok- not quite- but almost.   

Terry ran all that way on a prosthetic leg and because of this he suffered from bone bruises, blisters and intense pain. If I forget to put on body glide before a long run and get sports bra chafe it’s the end of my world for a few days.  I cannot begin to fathom the physical discomfort that Terry felt.  As a runner who has completed marathons, I have a vague understanding of what he did, but only to the extent that was he accomplished is that much more incredible and incompressible.    

What does Terry Fox have to do with November Project? Well, nothing and everything, Terry did something other people didn’t understand, something they thought was crazy.  Terry believed in connecting people through the power of physical activity.  Terry was raw, gritty and determined.  Terry showed up. 

Next time you’re hurting in the middle of a long run, you’re afraid to sign up for that race, you’re struggling to get out of bed, you’re looking for the motivation to lace up your shoes and get out the door, think of Terry and be like Terry.  Through the hurt, through the struggle, through the pain, keep pushing, keep grinding, keep daring to hope, be like Terry.  As the days get shorter and colder and the nights get darker, keep showing up; show up for yourself, show up for the people around you.  Whether you know it or not, you’re an inspiration to someone; be it a child, parent, partner, student, neighbour or friend.  So, let your actions be an example to them, let your light shine for them to see.  Dare to attempt the impossible, be brave and unrelenting.

See you all on Friday,

Sentimental M

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