Welcome to Delhi, Alberta!

In hindsight, today could have actually been a wise decision to have the first ever no-go for NP Canada…  It was initially dark because there was no sun but when we were still looking for the sun by the end of the workout, the smoke decided to hide it a little longer.

We out-dirty-aired New Delhi today and had one of the worst air quality values in the World.  The fires in western North America are no joke and the smoke that has blown our way needs to be taken into serious consideration when we are deciding to push ourselves on the stairs and hills of our city.

Parenting time almost over… but seriously, there’s no medal for sucking in a bunch of smoke during a workout and as leaders we’ll try and make the right calls in the future.

Coughing aside, people did slay stairs this morning and prep work was clearly happening for the second running of the Old 96er.  Good job crew!  Nadim has y’all for hills on Friday (depending on smoke…) and good luck to anyone running any of the distances on Sunday here in Edmonton!  Xo

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