A movement starts with a simple idea.  What sparks the movement’s growth are the people involved.  You have you’re leader, and if that leader pursues the movement correctly, the leadership will spread and rub off on the members involved.  Member #1 (the leader) will bring member #2, 3, 4, 35, 59, 98, 140… and these members will shift the movement from a simple idea to a living, thriving organism.


This morning I had several people approach me with questions and concerns.  “We didn’t give out hugs before or after the bounce.  Why no hugs?”  “Lauren has a birthday today.  And so does Sheila. (just a reminder to end the workout with a birthday BOOM)”

At November Project, we bounce, we hug, we work hard, and we celebrate.  These people that approached me this morning were well aware of how things operate, and they made it their personal responsibility to ensure that the workout live up to expectations.  They understand the culture, they understand the message, they understand November Project.  They, and the rest of the tribe (YOU ALL!) are invested in the movement.  You know what NP represents, and you recognize its ability to impact the community.  Without you, there would be no movement, there would be no November Project.  Don’t get it twisted, YOU are the movement, YOU are November Project.


So keep building the movement.  Keep showing up.  Keep bringing you friends, you family, you neighbors, your coworkers.  And just like the shift from 1 to 100, the tribe will continue to grow, from 100 to 200.  from 200-400.  from 400 to 5000.  Who knows?!

So, NPSD, I prepose to you all a challenge.  Each week we will all recruit a new member #SoCalRollCall.  This week you brought your co-worker, next week you will bring a family member.  On the first week of September, we WILL have 200 people join in the fun.  200 people bouncing, hugging, sweating, and supporting one another.  As a tribe, we will grow, and the movement will continue to gain momentum.  YOU all will gain momentum.  Let’s make more friends, spread more positivity, and leave an undeniable impact on our city, on the world.  You are all leaders, and you will all affect change.  Be happy. Be strong. Be Bright!


Listen up people!

#MayhemMondays: Beach Edition continues at Tourmaline Beach in PB.

#SoCalRollCall:  Next week, recruit a family member.  The tribe will grow! #200hugs


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