‘Twas the Night Before NP (PVD)

‘Twas the night before NP, when all through my apartment,
my phone beeps with text messages, “make sure your alarm’s set.”

My man tights and mittens draped over a chair,
just high enough to avoid the cat hair.

The tribe was most likely at home fast asleep, 
dreaming of what Wednesday morning would be.

Holly in Knockarounds, and I in North Face; Debating the merits of running some race

Then I turned on the news and saw such commotion, Kendama in hand, at 7-11, was Brogan.

It was all I could do to not change the channel, figuring it’s something Wisconsin Notes could handle.

But all of a sudden I heard “Oh Hey Providence!” Wondering if anyone else was home watching this.

Figuring this was a dream hallucination, I sat on my floor and paid full attention. 

“Tomorrow, your bounce will be the best ever.  Just don’t eff it up, and make sure it’s clever.”

I thought about what would be nicest.  And wondered if maybe it was pumpkin spices. 

Could it be a song, some hip hop or shouting? All of a sudden, my skills I was doubting.

When what to my wondering eyes did appear, was Bojan Mandaric and his awesome beard.  

With rhymes even fresher than Snoop, Em, or Dre, this giant Serbian came to save the day.  

And he whistled, he shouted, and stomped just the same,
the leadership squad, he called them by name: 

“Now, EmSauce, Capozzi, now Athy and Peanut!
On, Beth! on, Briskie! on Beresh and DMart!

To the window here, and the wall over there;
with sweat kind of dripping all over hall! Now dash away! dash away! dash away all!”

Just like he arrived, he left in a flash, and I screamed; 
leaving me wondering if it was something I dreamed.  

Within a few moments, the alarm started blaring, 
I wake up on the couch, now cursing and swearing.

I see that the clock reads a quarter to 5, still plenty of time to get to my tribe.

And off to the State House to meet up with Holly, knowing just how the next few hours will be jolly.

The tribe greets each other with hugs and high fives, strangers become friends, the morning is live.

Just like the first time, so long ago, it’s almost surreal once we start to go.  

At 5:27, Holly and I now announce,

“Let’s bring it on in, and get a little bounce!”

Things Coming Up!

12/21 – 6am – Hills! We meet up at Prospect Park Terrace at 6am for our bounce, and then we crush some hills.  It’ll be raining.  Whatever.  It’ll be nearly 60 degrees out.  Which is DOPE! Be there.  

12/21 – Holiday Social! – 6:27pm –  We’re meeing up at Revival Brewing/Brutopia, 505 Atwood Ave, Cranston, for some merriment.  If you bring a pet food donation from PARL, you get a free malted beverage.  We’ll eventually migrate up to the restaurant, and at 7:30pm, will begin our Yankee Swap – all you need to enter is to bring a wrapped gift (limit $10), and be there! This is a family friendly event, so gifts can be funny, but let’s not make them inappropriate, pretty please.

12/26 – PR Day –  5:27 and 6:27am – RI State House Steps.  Get ready, cuz it’s time to move fast.  

12/28 – FREE FITNESS FIELD TRIP! We’re heading to Boston to join them for Friday Hills at Summit Ave.  Their workout starts at 6:30am, so make sure you get there before then.  Traveling up alone? Don’t park on Summit Ave – there is plenty of parking on surrounding streets.  Caravan will be led by Holly.  PM us with questions! 

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