As you can tell by the cover photo we’ve started a tradition. After each workout, we’re going to try to take a group photo (if there’s camera on hand) @nov_project style. What’s @nov_project style? Straight face, straight back, old school cowboy feel to go hand in hand with #grassroots #community movement that’s been spreading around the Boston like a wildfire. It’s going to be AMAZING!

Speaking of amazing… excellent turnout this morning folks! We had record number of attendees. 46 people put down their times on our signup sheet (those hard-core soldiers with 50lbs back packs didn’t record their times – we’ll forgive them). You can see their scores on in the table below. Today was also a “PR Pizza” day so all you that posted your best time for a stadium tour will be getting our pizza trophy next week presented by November Project staff. We should also consider getting a sponsor for this thing as the number of people improving their times is getting pretty high. Anyone knows a pizza vendor that would be interested? Seriously, anyone?


We’re meeting for some hill running at the bottom of the Summit Ave on the Brookline side. Last week was a blast, this week should be even better. #StrenghtInNumbers


…is the day when we celebrate the Independence Day. It’s also a Wednesday, the day reserved for running stadiums. To accommodate all you cats that will be out of town, chilling on the beach or just plain ol’ sleeping in, we decided to move our workout to Tuesday, July 3rd. Same time (6:30am), same place (Harvard Stadium), just moving it from Wednesday to Tuesday. Don’t worry, we’ll remind you about it via twitter and facebook. Aside from announcements visit these pages to check the photos that we took this morning. They should be up shortly.


Please remember that awesome people from Hubway and Marathon Sports have been generous enough to offer 1 year FREE membership to Hubway bike sharing OR $50 towards the purchase of running shoes from Marathon Sports to anyone that attends 5 or more workout sessions in July. We love you Hubway and Marathon Sports!

Stay loose, hydrate, take care of your joints, and we’ll see you on Friday!

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11 Replies to “Tradition”

  1. Re: Pizza vendor (clearly we know where my head is at!), Otto might be interested as their Mass locations are Harvard Square and Coolidge Corner, the two workout spots. I don’t have any connections, but I can vouch that the pizza’s pretty decent.

    I plan on earning some of it soon…

  2. As much as I would LOVE to be posting 25 min full tours, my time this morning was 35:45, not 25:45 this morning. Looking forward to shaving off a few more minutes next week. #keepingitreal #letsnotgetaheadofourselves #workharderforsub30mins

    1. My bad.. fixed. anyone else sees any typos, time errors, etc, let me know. November Project editor in chief is on vacation so few mistakes might sneak by.

  3. Awesome time this morning, thanks for the invite. Might want to double check my time, I thought I ran the 20 sections it in 22:44 (not 20:44)….but maybe i just remember wrong! Thanks.

    1. You’re right my man. Checked the sheet – 22:44 it is. Like that everyone is keeping it honest – keep up the good work!

  4. I wasn’t quit honest…. forgot to stop my watch so figured 34:34 was a cool looking number. ballpark? #nexttime….

  5. Proud of every single one of you who got out of bed to come and train with the growing workout tribe that the #community is calling THE November Project. Such a cool start with all the bodies in motion. Hope to see you all this FRIDAY.

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