To Infinity and Beyond. -NP_BOS(10.01.18)

A little note on today – – after more than 3 years of trying to keep Monday mornings fresher than a oldsmobile Little Tree car air-freshener in an oldsmobile, I still love coming up with our Monday recess activities.

Decks have been part of NP’s culture since our inception.  We’ve done red decks, blue decks, two decks and three decks. We’ve done group decks and solo decks, double decks and triple threat decks* . Well today for the first time ever we played DECK DECK GOOSE.  

Combination of your favorite childhood game of duck, duck, goose and the ass-kicking run-deck-run and you birth a whole new beast…. you got it, DECK DECK GOOSE**

This morning I watched three groups of varying ages escaped slips, burpees, and ankles as they sprinted around like a chicken duck with their head chopped off from a selected goose. 

Now it may not seem like too wild of an idea – but if you were there, you know, this little bit of added spice brought the perfect distraction away from the fact that you all completed 104 burpees, 104 leg lowers, 104 squat jumps and 208 mountain climbers.  Hard to fake a straight face while playing this game.  Don’t believe me? Take a look at today’s facebook album and let that FOMO set in.

We’re bringing back the deck of cards more regularly to mondays.  We’ll continue throwing in spice to keep you on your toes, but know that they’ll be hard, they’ll be fun and know you’ll never forget a Monday morning again as you struggle to get out of your chair at work today.

Also Happy Birthday to Mr. Eric Klawiter.  As you get another year older we give you the gift – a reminder – that your little ones will always be (officially) faster than you.

As always, thank you for waking up, showing up and always bringing every bit of weird, wild energy you do.

To infinity and beyond.


*Cue Dr. Suess’s next masterpiece. 


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