This is the best feeling…

That’s the sentence that came out of Sara’s mouth as she finished her last set of the day. And we agree. There is nothing like the sense of self-acomplishment that you get after completing really challenging workout early in the morning while most of Boston is still in bed. And what a workout it was… 5 times .4 miles up and down the hill, for the total of 4 miles of running.

We had some new faces joining November Project this morning. Recent grads from Northeastern Rowing team, Lou and Mark, came to invoke fond memories of running the Summit Ave while in college. Even though their fitness level is not the same as it was during their NU Crew days, they had pretty respectable performance. Hope we’ll be seeing you guys more often in the future.

Sara and Janeen had their first Summit ave workout even though they’ve been part of @nov_project tribe for a while. So far they’ve been coming to the stadium but this morning they decided to mix it up a bit and tackle some hills. They worked hard, they smiled a lot (even when the hill was kicking their butt), they had fun, and we’re sure that they’ll be back.

Chris was a monster this am! He’s been doing some hill running in the past and you can tell that by his consistency between the pieces. He even picked up a friend along the way (Brian) who seems to be interested by the November Project movement. The more the merrier!

For all you cats that couldn’t make it this am, hope we’ll see you next week. Happy Friday!

Infamous Hydrant

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