The Polar (Bear) Vortex

So Ma Nature and I may have had a fight. She may have been spiteful and decided to throw another polar vortex in our faces. It’s a rocky relationship. She’s just so hot and cold sometimes. But I won’t let her get us down. We’ve embraced this polar vortex 2.0. We channeled our inner kids today and played in the snow; running, crawling, and squatting like polar bears. Due to the snowy steps, we did some intermediate snow jogging (soft J) and incorporated some BOSTON tribe love into the mix with some Bojan’s. It was cold. But we’re #Weatherproof.

It’s that moment when your eyelashes start to freeze together and then you look around you. The beautiful sun rising against a multi-colored sky. The crazy people surrounding you, just as cold, just as happy to be there. The knowledge in the back of your mind that in TEN other cities, folks just like you are doing the same exact thing: freezing their tushies off. And finally, that warm hug you get from a friend, a stranger, a newbie. ALL WORTH IT.



TOMORROW: Keep and eye out for the November Project Leaders Summit video drop. Check out what these cool cats did up in Edmonton. The Tribe is Strong.

FRIDAY: #CircleUp continues at DUPONT CIRCLE. Be there at 6:28AM ready to #EarnYourWeekend.

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