The New Core.

As I started to ascend the back side of Cory Hill this morning all I could see was a few dark silhouettes outlines by a piercing harsh white street light.  Some bodies standing alone, others embracing in a hug, throwing their hands up for a high five or bent over stretching out their still waking body.

Now had I checked the weather last night and saw 90% chance of rain, dark AF and below 60 degrees – there would be a chance I would have thought twice about showing up. ehhh well actually no shot in hell that I would have second guessed that, but I know there were probably a lot that did.  

Now I’m standing here seeing this painted landscape of bodies in anticipation of PR hills. Hyped that they get to start their day and while the rest of the city trudges to work and thousands curse in shitty rain traffic.  Us? We’re standing here getting ready to positively curse, hoping the hills are so packed that we’re dodging traffic because it means that many more high fives and people to race against.

It was quite the scene this morning.  Something that no weather app can predict and no picture can do justice.  Rolling up to that hill I remembered I was lucky that I get to do this.  That I get to be part of this. 

I immediately thought this is what the core of November project is all about.  This right here is the core.  It’s the people that no matter what, are there.  Whether its your first time here or traveling from another city – you’re still part of the core.

The core of this thing goes way beyond how many years you’ve been coming.  It goes way beyond all the wild stories that we have from the winter of 2015.  Its more than the number of full tours, frogmans, woahmans, racemans that you’ve completed.  The core is built every day you show up and stand underneath the sun (or rain clouds) with 48 other cities in the world and bring your energy.  If you think that this movement started way before you ever knew about it and its going to continue going on without you, I’m gunna challenge you to think a little differently.  This movement  is always moving forward, that is what we do, MOVE.  So if you think that this movement started today when you showed up for the first time you’re right.  If you think that this movement is going to start again when you bring your friends, kids, parents, family next week you’re right too.  This movement gets built more than just M.W.Fr. It gets build everyday, yeah even on those off days t, th, sa, su.  So keep spreading the love, the positivity and the reminder that the world is a good place and that Mondays don’t have to be so shitty.

Speaking of monday… here you go WE’LL see you here — at Copp’s Hill Terrace in the North End.  Yes WE as and the Saul and Capoze Duo.  Back in Action.

Much Love,


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