The Great Trash and Recycle Race (DCA)

So we’ve already started to hype this upcoming event but we wanted to drop the complete list of deets so that you the reader are EVEN MORE HYPED. This event is going to be the perfect opportunity to combine your tree-hugging with your love for exercise, our city, and hanging out with friends.

If you care about the earth, raise your hand.

If you like to work out with November Project, keep your hand up.

GOOD. Now look around you and see if anyone is staring at you because you’re randomly raising your hand at work/on the metro/on your couch.

Here’s what’s going down (for real) on THIS SATURDAY (5/12):

Create a team of up to 5 people between now and Saturday. Don’t have a (full) team? Invite your non-NP friends, meet people at the workouts this week, or #JustShowUp on Saturday and we’ll get you squared away. Have your team already? Post your team name to the FB event!

3:30PM – Meet at Logan Circle, rules will be explained again


5:30PM – END at Bardo

What you need to know:

  1. This is a running event. You will be provided bags for trash and recycle. You have 1.5 hours to get from Logan Circle to Bardo and pick up as much trash and recycling as possible on your way.
  2. The clear bags are for recycling; the black bags are for trash. Do not mix!
  3. When picking up bottles/cans, make sure all liquid is emptied. Familiarize yourself with what can/can’t be recycled.
  4. Winners will be decided by Total weight = Trash weight + (Recycle weight x 1.5)
  5. First, second, and third place prizes include REI gear, TNF gear, and drinks on us.
  6. For every minute that you are late (after 5:30PM), you will be deducted one pound.
  7. TEAM SPIRIT will win a prize as well. This includes (but isn’t limited to) costumes, chants, social media, mascots, team names, etc. Really hoping for a Captain Planet team. Don’t let me down.
  8. Help us come up with a good hashtag to use on social media.
  9. Tag @DCDPW and @CleanCityDC on Twitter and @dcdpw on Instagram.
  10. Bring your ID with you.
  11. There will be a raffle for TWO FREE Wayfarer’s race bibs. There is a 10k and Half Marathon.

That’s it folks. Can’t wait to see you Saturday!!



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One Reply to “The Great Trash and Recycle Race (DCA)”

  1. Sorry I cannot join you- it’s the day our Retired Members Club of Local 26, IBEW meets. Dick Bissell is the Prez nd I am the Recording Secretary. I have started trying to gget up earlier, and let me if you have another special event. I don’t read alot of fb. 🙁
    Susan Flashman
    PS Had my left shoulder rotator repaired Jan 24th, so I am stilll limited.

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